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Three Teams Vie For Next UGBC President And VP

Assoc. News Editor

Published: Thursday, March 21, 2013

Updated: Thursday, March 21, 2013 11:03

Three Teams Vie For Next UGBC President And VP

Emily Fahey // Heights Staff

The 2013 Undergraduate Government of Boston College (UGBC) Presidential and Vice Presidential Elections race has officially begun.

The Elections Committee hosted the Elections Kick Off event in Merkert on Monday, Mar. 18, in which candidates introduced themselves and their campaign platforms to the student body. Three teams announced their official candidacy at the event. Teammates Tim Koch, A&S ’14, and Chris “Trugs” Truglio, CSOM ’14, are running for president and vice president respectively, under the slogan “In Tim and Trugs We Trust.” Molly McCathy and Ricky Knapp, both A&S ’14, are running for president and vice president respectively, under the slogan “Believe in BC.” Matt Nacier and Matt Alonsozana, both A&S ’14, are running for president and vice-president respectively, under the slogan “Forward With U.”

Students packed the Merkert auditorium on Monday night in support of the UGBC teams. Members of Koch and Truglio’s campaign donned purple; McCarthy and Knapp’s, yellow; Nacier and Alonsozana, blue.

The Elections Committee conducted the first poll of the election season at the meeting, surveying the members of the audience. Nacier and Alonsozana won the Election Kick Off Event straw poll with 58.5 percent of the votes. McCarthy and Knapp placed second with 22 percent. Koch and Truglio finished last with 19.5 percent. At the event’s conclusion, the teams began official campaigning for the election. Banners were hung in the quad, flyers distributed, and social media newsfeeds filled with campaign endorsements.

Last night, the Elections Committee presented the first UGBC Presidential Debate of the season in Hillside Cafe. Carter Bielen, Co-Chair of the Elections Committee and A&S ’13, Devika Patel, ALC President and A&S ’13, and Joshua Tingley, GLC president and A&S ’13, presented questions to the teams.

McCarthy and Knapp opened the debate with an overview of their platform. The team stressed the importance of unity within change. They hope that with their platform, which highlights convenience for students on campus, resolving Residential Life issues, improving academic resources, and diversity and inclusion at BC, UGBC will serve to enhance student experience.

“We believe that over our four years at BC we are given a unique opportunity to discover our passions and our potential,” McCarthy said. “It is through this development of our individual passions and experiences and the cultivation of new ones that we are able to form such a strong community on this campus … We believe that an issue for one student is an issue for all students.”

Koch and Truglio introduced their platform next. The team’s platform is based on and structured by five core pillars: formation, policy, advocacy and outreach, programming, and transparency. Koch and Truglio plan to invest in the freshmen of BC through the Undergraduate Leadership Academy (ULA), a UGBC leadership program composed of 35 freshmen. They spoke on their plan to establish more CSOM minors for A&S students, a reimbursement program for all Lynch and CSON students who travel to practicum placements, a Landlord and Realtor Evaluation Profile System similar to PEPs, and a Zipcar program on campus. They also plan to include the chairs of the ALC and GLC in all executive council meetings.

“In terms of programming, we want to keep hallmark traditional events such as the ALC boat cruise, ALC ball, and GLC ball,” Truglio said. “And we want to continue having two concerts throughout the year.”

Nacier and Alonsozana followed Koch and Truglio. The team’s platform is structured on three “C’s”: community, clarity, and creativity. Nacier stressed that the aspect of community is more important than ever with the new UGBC structure. With the changes to governmental structure, the team plans to create change that will benefit the student body as a whole. They discussed several platform points, including their goal to create an open-door policy for all senate meetings, a change in the instituted alcohol policy, 24/7 printing on campus, continued advancement of the academic advising system, reduced ticket price packages for sporting events, and 3 a.m. bus hours.

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