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Outsiders, Insiders Battle For UGBC Leadership Positions

With only one day left until voting begins, the two remaining teams are mobilizing supporters and making a last-minute campaign blitz. The EC’s straw poll at the campaign kick-off event last Sunday showed a tight race between the pairs. Full story


Meet The Fiore-Chettiar-Marchese Team

Marchese and Fiore-Chettiar pledge to be different from past “UGBC insider teams” who often do nothing to end the bureaucracy that many believe hinders effectiveness. They both have expressed dissatisfaction with the current culture and hope to drastically transform it if elected. Fiore-Chettiar was considering leaving UGBC before she decided to run for president, and only felt comfortable running for the position after she met Chris, whose vision she felt aligned with hers.

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Meet The Levine-Vergara Team

Many of their platform points are things that Levine and Vergara believe, though they may seem trivial, will have a large impact on student life based on the amount of people they will affect—more staplers on campus, more printing stations, better coffee in the dining halls. They hope that by accomplishing small things that impact nearly every student’s life, they will be able to reintroduce UGBC into students’ minds as an effective vehicle for accomplishing tasks that serve the interests of the student body.

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Moazampour, Watt Drop UGBC Candidacy

Two Junior Teams Remain In Running

Less than two days after officially launching their campaign for UGBC president and executive vice president, Michael Moazampour and Robert Watt, both A&S ’16, dropped out of the race late Tuesday morning in order to support the team of Nanci Fiore-Chettiar and Chris Marchese, both A&S ’15.

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Candidates Contend For UGBC Office

Three teams will vie for UGBC president and executive vice president.

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2014 UGBC Elections Re-Opened

Facing the prospect of an uncontested election for UGBC president and vice president for 2014-15, the Elections Committee (EC) has re-opened the applicant pool for candidates and delayed the start of the election season.

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UGBC Revises Rules For 2014 Elections

On Monday, the Elections Committee (EC) hosted a mandatory meeting for all candidate teams interested in running for UGBC president and vice president. The EC used most of the time to introduce an extensive set of changes to both the election season and the rules that teams must abide by, including the movement of the race to February and the shortening of the campaigning period to two weeks.

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UGBC Commences Campaigns

After what initially could have been an uncontested election, the Elections Committee (EC) officially commenced the campaign for UGBC president and executive vice president in an invigorated kick-off event in the Cabaret Room on Sunday night.

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UGBC 2014-15 Candidate Teams Announced By Elections Committee

The Elections Committee (EC) released the names of the candidates running for UGBC president and vice-president on Sunday night, one week after the pool was reopened following the prospect of an uncontested election at the initial filing deadline.

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