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UGBC Gets Green Light For Concert From Administration


Published: Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Updated: Wednesday, January 9, 2013 18:01

UGBC has announced that they have been given the go-ahead by the administration to have a concert this spring. This approval comes with a contingency clause, however, as administrators have said that future concerts are dependent on student behavior this spring.

According to Michael Kitlas, UGBC president and A&S '12, there have been numerous discussions between the administration and UGBC, and the University has finally agreed to allow a Spring Concert event. "We've had a lot of communication with the administration–including proposals and recommendations," he said. "But we finally got the green light."

Based on the proposals UGBC submitted to the administration, Kitlas said that students will see some changes with the event this spring, including an earlier start time on the Friday of the concert.

Kitlas stated that the most important thing is working to create a safer environment at large-scale concerts. "Concerts are not guaranteed from here on out," he said. "If things don't change, nothing is guaranteed."

Bianca Gandarias, executive director of communications for the UGBC and A&S '12 said, "People need to change their behavior if they want a Fall Concert."

In an effort to make students more aware that this is the case, UGBC will be organizing campaigns to spread the word to the undergraduate population.

UGBC did not have further details on the concert at this time, but stated that they will be moving forward with the whole process as soon as possible. "We're still going through the process of vetting artists," Kitlas said. "Our deadline is basically as soon as possible."

Kitlas said that UGBC is particularly excited to announce the spring concert to students because it is an opportunity for the organization to show that they have been listening to student concerns. UGBC's recent "Be the Change Survey" received numerous responses regarding the spring concert situation and urging UGBC to push for the establishment of concerts as a tradition on campus.

The survey, organized by Chris Duffy, A&S '13 and Luke Stephan, CSOM '14, co-directors of Student Rights within the UGBC Student Life department, asked students, "What is the one thing you would improve at Boston College?" and said to briefly describe the improvement they would like to see. Duffy and Stephan said that getting concerts back was a top concern for many students.

The duo was surprised at the number of responses they received, stating that they expected around 100, but in fact, received over 1,200 unique responses. "The highest hit was dining issues," Duffy said, in regard to what most students had concerns about. The issues that were raised ranged from food to the restructuring of the dining meal plan itself to space improvements, according to Duffy and Stephan. Some students requested more healthy choices in campus dining halls, as well as an expansion of offerings and hours of operation.

Right up there with dining issues were student concerns about concerts and other large-scale events. Many students suggested improving the diversity of acts available. For example, some students requested more small-scale shows in the Chocolate Bar.

Duffy and Stephan said their next step with the surveys will be to analyze the responses and issues at large. They plan to compose a report based on student responses that will be made available to certain administrators and to the different UGBC branches. In addition, the duo mentioned that they will be responding directly to some of the students who submitted responses.

The two said that they were pleased with the responses because many were more than just a quick sentence. "It was nice and refreshing from a usually apathetic student body," Duffy said.

Moving forward, UGBC plans to address the major categories from the responses with blog posts and e-mails to the student body. In addition, the organization plans to clarify to students that certain issues raised are currently being addressed by the undergraduate government. In order to continue this dialogue, Kitlas said UGBC will be adding a suggestion box on their website to further this interaction and feedback from the organization to students, which he said will hopefully solidify this back-and-forth for years to come.

Students who filled out the survey were entered to win prizes such as Kindle Fires, Chipotle gift cards, Red Sox tickets, and early Mudstock Registration. Some of the winners include Dayna Mudge, A&S '12; Meghan Shain, CSOM '12; Joan Kwiatek, LSOE '12; Robert Marren, A&S '15; Elizabeth Lydon, CSON '14; Zacharias Zacharia, A&S '13; Vanessa Obei, A&S '12; and Andrew Suralik, CSOM '14.

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