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UGBC Has Resolutions To Keep, Too

Heights Columnist

Published: Sunday, January 22, 2012

Updated: Wednesday, January 9, 2013 20:01

The Plex is packed with people resolved to lose that little bit of belly fat that has accumulated due to the holidays or perhaps to reverse that pesky freshman (or senior) fifteen. I quit smoking and resolved to sound less condescending. I don't think this column is going to be a very good start to the latter.

The UGBC, who have rightfully been told they were out of touch with the student body, have resolved to better tune into the needs and wants of the student body. This, of course, is an excellent idea and will hopefully lead to a fruitful dialogue between students and those who have been elected to represent them.

They are planning to better communicate with the student body through a new website that will include a survey section where students can tell the UGBC what they think is best for the campus.

Again, this is a good plan, but requires students to go to the website and submit their ideas. The UGBC is once again simply a passive receptacle to the ideas of the student body.

One of the problems that this new website presents is publicity. The only reason I have heard of this is due to my need for a topic besides Admitted Eagle Day and New Year's Resolutions. If the UGBC wants this initiative to be successful, they will need to do a good deal of active publicizing. This means their leadership needs to stand on a bench in the Quad encouraging people to visit the website and submit their ideas. A banner waving royally behind them containing the URL might really help to drive home the point. A simple email, which is likely to be placed in the Trash folder right next to that email from Nights on the Heights, will not be sufficient to motivate students to visit their new website.

Another issue is convincing the student body that their opinions matter and is the primary concern of the UGBC. A gesture to demonstrate this could be pressing the issue of the Spring Concert in Conte with the administration.

The UGBC simply saying the administration is being reasonable, agreeing cancelling concerts is best, and attempting to placate the student body does not garner much faith in the UGBC's listening to and acting on the desires of the student body. Students are not likely to visit a website and leave their opinions if they think their suggestions will fall on deaf ears.

Students would be more motivated and convinced that the UGBC has their best interests at heart if UGBC more actively sought their opinions. Sitting inside Lower or McElroy seems to help service trips get something that students part with less willingly than their opinions.

Perhaps try putting up a poster and pestering diners for their thoughts. This would be more effective than a website, but a revamped website is certainly a welcome change if the UGBC wants to be taken more seriously as representative of the student body. If they really want to be respected and considered an organization that can get things done, they need to make sure that the Spring Concert returns to Conte and that this punitive action against the student body is put to an end.

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