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UGBC Proposes Restructuring

Asst. News Editor

Published: Monday, February 4, 2013

Updated: Monday, February 4, 2013 00:02

The proposed division of student programming would include sub-committees that would deal with on-campus programming, BC heritage programming, and BC to Boston. The heritage programming division would deal with events that are specifically AHANA or GLBTQ events. Each of the representative boards would be able to nominate two individuals to serve on the programming committees.

“I think one of the biggest things is that the new UGBC brings AHANA issues to the forefront,” Patel said. “One group working on the issues is not enough. The new structure allows the entire student body to care about these issues. Further, the integrity of our events is kept in the new structure. For example, though our larger social programming has been moved to the division of student programming, we have the opportunity to assign members to the committee and have these members involved in our ALC conversations.”

Within the new structure is a revamped leadership and training program, the UGBC Leadership Academy (ULA). This program would consolidate the Mentoring Leadership Program, the Freshman Outreach Program, and the AHANA Leadership Academy into one program for freshmen, which would introduce them to UGBC and pair them up with mentors within the organization

 While Osnato, Patel, and Tingley all spoke very positively about the new constitution, there were some reservations.

“In the Student Assembly, I hope that students passionate about making a difference and passionate about AHANA issues in particular run and have their voices heard,” Patel said. “We of course can’t guarantee these students run and are elected but I think we have a created a structure in which there are many ways to get involved and adequately represent the student body. Further, though the AHANA Leadership Academy will no longer exist in its original form, the new UGBC Leadership Academy will allow a wider variety of students to discuss the topics previously discussed in ALA.”

In spite of these  reservations, all three supported the passage of the new constitution in the vote on Sunday.

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