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UGBC Proposes Revisions To Constitution, Standing Rules

Asst. News Editor

Published: Thursday, February 6, 2014

Updated: Thursday, February 6, 2014 13:02

According to Isaac Akers, chairman of the Rules Committee and A&S ’16, the suggested edits will be incorporated into an amendment that will be proposed either by his committee or by an individual senator.

He anticipates that the amendment will be drafted over the weekend and will be voted on at Tuesday’s meeting.

Most of the edits were grammatical changes that were consistent with the five drafts that were proposed last January, when eight of the top executives in UGBC formed a committee to draft a new constitution.

“The process last year was rushed,” Alonsozana said.

The committee members represented the heads of the executive branch, the SA, the AHANA Leadership Council, the GLBTQ Leadership Council, and members of SPO.

“When that version of the constitution came out, there was a lot of controversy,” he said. “It wasn’t expected to pass all three voting blocks. It had to pass the [SA], ALC, and GLC.”

After the initial document was released, the committee solicited suggestions from members of the three branches. The final edits were made by the committee in order to appeal to those who rejected the initial version.

Alonsozana was a member of the final drafting committee and is the only member who is still in UGBC.

The final document contained a number of grammatical flaws and inconsistencies with section numberings. The SA passed the constitution unanimously, but ALC and GLC passed it by slim margins.

“I’m not proposing in the edits any substantive changes, but the interpretative areas that have clearly hindered our effectiveness as an organization have been cleaned up,” he said. “We didn’t want to edit the constitution in that way until we saw where the constitution wasn’t working operationally, so that’s why we didn’t do it in the fall.” 

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