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UGBC Rebrands Image: Four Equal Parts with ALC, GLC

Unifying Changes to be Finalized Next Semester

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Published: Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Updated: Wednesday, January 9, 2013 18:01


Next semester, the AHANA Leadership Council (ALC), along with the GLBTQ Leadership Council (GLC) will become equal parts of theUGBC, a change from their former, semi-autonomous states.

With the elimination of the UGBC's judicial branch at the end of last year, the rebranded image of UGBC will be that of four equal branches coming together to serve the needs of the student body and make sure their voice is heard.

The goal of this change is unification said Michael Kitlas, president of the UGBC and A&S '12. "The discussion basically started last year," he said. "[Micaela Mabida and Patrick Raab, former UGBC president and vice president, respectively, and BC '11] had the first all-inclusive retreat. It was going well last year, but it didn't carry through the whole year."

Kitlas said that he and Jill Long, vice president of the UGBC and A&S '12, wanted to continue promoting a unified front. "We saw the value [in what Mabida and Raab started] and wanted to continue that this year," he said. "We want to encourage people to step outside their comfort zones, we want to increase who we affect with programs and policies, and we want to affect the largest amount of change by working together."

Though nothing is finalized yet, the UGBC will be incorporating ALC and GLC into their constitution next semester. "We want to incorporate them appropriately, as we don't want them to lose the voice they've gained," Kitlas said. "We want to make sure everything's in check."

According to Kitlas, the ALC and GLC have been very receptive to this change, as a collaboration between the branches will allow them to reach out to students as one organization working together.

ALC and GLC leaders agree with this sentiment. "I am actually very excited for this change," said Joshua Tingley, vice president of the GLC and A&S '13. "GLC has worked hard to get to this point. Until now we have been on the fringe of UGBC, and by becoming a branch we believe we will be able to become a much more prominent part of the organization and in turn continue the progress we have made on this campus forGLBTQ students and Allies.

"We will continue to maintain our ability to do what we do now, while also becoming a more contributing member of UGBC," he said.

"This is definitely a positive change," said Alicia Martinez, vice president of ALC and A&S '12. "The campus is kind of fragmented, and theUGBC was fragmented as well. Now we'll have a more united student voice, rather than being separate ‘communities.'

"We'll now work as a more cohesive unit and be able to share the same perspective, in addition to sharing space and resources," she said.

Gururaj Shan, president of ALC and A&S '12, said, "Issues that ALC and GLC work on are really BC issues – they're not separate. All students can benefit from the additional perspective.

"We don't want to lose what we've gained over the past 15 years, though," Shan said. "But, bringing ALC into the UGBC will strengthen the overall government. This change emulates the behavior we want to see on campus."

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