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Nov. 5 Thumbs Up, Thumbs Down

Published: Monday, November 5, 2012

Updated: Wednesday, January 9, 2013 19:01


Thumbs Up:
O, Holy (War) Night-  Even though we had a “devastating” (quotes because we care more about our town’s election for tax collector than Boston College football at this point) loss against Wake Forest on Saturday, we achieved a much more important victory: the Notre Dame game is at 8 p.m. We were getting reaaaal nervous that it would be at noon, but the tailgating gods have spoken and we now get to throw a massive party on Shea during the evening hours. Not that we aren’t down for day drinking (note: we are always down for day drinking), but we aren’t sure we would survive if tailgating started at 9:30 a.m. So everyone, prepare yourselves. Notre Dame Weekend is coming.
 Early Bird Christmas- Yes, we know the commercialization of Christmas is a horrible tragedy and all, but a smile did creep on our face when we saw the holiday cups at Starbucks this weekend. Although the nearing of Christmas also means the nearing of finals (bleh), we do love the holiday season. Fifty-three days everyone!
Marathon of helping hands-  For the first time ever, the New York City Marathon was cancelled due to Hurricane Sandy. As a heartwarming alternative, many of the registered runners decided to volunteer in the city’s hardest hit borough, Staten Island. Decked out in orange, the marathon’s official colors, hundreds of runners headed across the bay to deliver supplies, clean streets, and lend a helping hand. Sometimes, a city has to see the worst to see the best of its citizens.
Mario Testino exhibit- The Museum of Fine Art’s Testino exhibit, titled In Your Face, is a must-see. The fashion photographer has shot a wide array of celebrities, and it is fascinating to see these incredibly intimate portraits of their lives. Anyone who likes photography, fashion, or celebrity culture, head down to Huntington Avenue.
Thumbs Down:
The final stretch- After two long years, the election saga is finally coming to an end, but it’s going out with an obnoxious bang. We know we should be excited about this exercise of our innate rights, but we are just ready to turn on the TV and not be bombarded with political-hate ads every two seconds Yes, we’re talking to you, Scott Brown and Elizabeth Warren.
Inflicting pain, through music- Somewhere, in the depths of hell, the devil decided to hatch an evil plan to inflict on humanity. After hundreds of years of thought, he finally decided on the perfect scheme: to have Avril Lavigne cover a Nickelback song. As Nickelback is aptly defined by as “the act of willingly allowing one’s ears to bleed,” and Avril Lavinge is just kind of gross, we cower in fear of this Frankensteinian creation. Good luck avoiding this monstrosity, world.

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