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COLUMN: Dress Up For Class And Life

Published: Sunday, February 3, 2013

Updated: Monday, February 4, 2013 00:02

...A story by and for hopeless romantics. Freshman year was all about dressing to impress. I wore my new Urban tops and skinny jeans and boots and cardigans and necklaces, blah blah blah. Then after hearing, "Ugh only freshmen actually dress up for class," my heart was crushed as I collapsed into stretchy pants and hoodies. (This is not to say that caring for your appearance is "So freshman year LOL.") It was easy to embrace the t-shirt, leggings, and UGG standard because, well, it’s super comfy and I don’t care. I even wore gym shorts to work. Zero cares. I dressed like this for a while, only putting in extra effort when a special someone was in one of my classes, or I just felt like making all the girls in Mac super jealous of my super average style.

Then everything changed ... I saw Les Miserables over Christmas Break. No, please, keep reading, I promise I’ll only gush about it for five seconds! So, in Les Mis there’s a scene where the main girl, Cosette, is all decked out in 17th century swag with a puffy sleeved full-length dress and golden curls to top it off. Marius, the adorable revolution boy, basically falls in love with her at first sight because she’s all dressed up, looks way too good for him, and he realizes that she’s someone he’ll have to chase if he really wants her. (And, not to ruin anything, but he totally does! And they’re so cute together! AH!) Sound familiar? This little boy-meets-girl-across-the-room happens a lot in movies, books, songs, everything. What doesn’t happen often: Girl-in-sweats-buys-book-boy-sees-unbrushed-hair-from across-bookstore-and-decides-he-simply-must-have-her. More often the girl in sweats buys a book, the boy buys his iClicker or mug or whatever, and neither meet and/or care about the other one. How sad. Don’t let this happen to you! We need to bring back dressing up for class! As well as dressing up for life in general! I want my Cosette-Marius moment!

Now I’m aware that we can’t just wander around at the end of hallways, rooms, or dining halls looking alluringly beautiful and having no idea that we’re doing it. So here are a few simple ways to jumpstart your moment with that special someone. Mind you, these are all while you look cute because SLOBS DO NOT FIND LOVE IN TIME FOR VALENTINE’S DAY.

The Drop & Go. Take a page out of the Cinderella story. Straighten your hair, put on makeup, and get your butt to the library. Then pick a spot next to a handsome somebody, make some eye contact, and accidentally leave your ID on the table. Oh no! I guess he’ll just have to run after you! And when he does, you breathlessly say to the good sir, "Oh my gosh! Thank you so much! So like what’s your name?" (or if he’s a bit slow on realizing that you’ve run off without your ID, he’ll Facebook you! Perfect opportunity for a meet up! Lunch date! Fireworks!)

The Turnaround. So you’re in line, be it in Lower/Mac/Stuart Dining Hall or the BC Bookstore and someone quite fetching has delightfully placed himself behind you. Carpe diem! Seize that boy! You turn around (hence the name) and act like you recognize him. "Oh hey, are you in my [insert class that you are positive that he is not in]?" He says, "Umm no I’m not." But you insist! "Really? Are you sure? I could swear, you look really familiar." He goes, "Nope, haha, I’m really not." "Wow okay I’m losing my mind ... (and then SO CASUAL) I’m Emily by the way." Holla!

The Klutz. You drop your books/papers right in front of him (very Olivia from She’s the Man-esque). Make SURE you have a bunch of papers so he will definitely stop. Then you can just be a hot mess as your little prince swoops in to pick up all your stuff. Then you’re all, "Oh my gosh, I’m so flustered right now, thank you so much. What’s your name?" Remember that the name is key because then you’re introduced! And the domino effect follows with friend requests, Facebook chats, the number exchange, and meet up! (By the way, if he does not bend down and assist your gorgeous self he will be X’ed for lack of gentlemanly manners, boo on him.)

So those are some ideas for you to mull over. Feel free to use them or adapt them to your personal style. Reflect on how your current class day outfits portray yourself and consider dressing up a few days a week. You’ll be surprised how many people will comment on your newfound sense of confidence and poise with "Okay I see you girl," or "I didn’t know you had other clothes ... but I mean, you look good." Now there are many reasons to look nice other than to meet someone who you’re interested in, but hey! It’s not a terrible idea! Just remember the main focus here: dress up for class. Dress up for life!

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