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A Silver Lining in the UIS System

A&S '15

Published: Thursday, April 26, 2012

Updated: Wednesday, January 9, 2013 19:01


With a 4:15 registration time on the 2nd day for all rising sophomores, I should have nothing good to say about the UIS system.  I didn’t get to register for PULSE, I have an 8:30 class (at least it’s only twice a week), and none of my preferred classes I wanted were available, let alone the professors.  But not all was lost.  Having all of my preferred classes closed off forced me to go through every department code searching for anything to fit my 15-credit requirement.  If it hadn’t been for my awful registration time, I would never have gone through the Classical Studies courses and discovered Roman Law & Family or the Psychology courses to discover Animal Cognition. My inner-history buff is satisfied, as is my animal lover side. I sympathize with those who were not able to get the main courses they wanted, but I also think BC has plenty of other great courses that people skip over to get into Challenge of Justice with Pope or PULSE with McMenamin. Just because they are not the most popular courses does not mean they are not valuable. As one door closes, another opens and I think those opened doors are worth exploring.

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