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Apr.30 Thumbs Up, Thumbs Down

Published: Monday, April 30, 2012

Updated: Wednesday, January 9, 2013 19:01


Thumbs Up:
Faith in kids- Everyone’s favorite billionaire (but really, he just looks like a friendly grandpa!) just got a little bit cooler. Warren Buffet is sponsoring a contest where kid entrepreneurs, ages 7-16, pitch their business ideas to an online audience. The winner gets $5,000, runner ups get $500, and their teachers even get a prize. Thumbs Up for supporting the ideas of kids and encouraging innovation. Someone’s gonna have a dank lemonade stand this year.
Poking fun at politics- So the economy is bad, thereare no jobs, and we don’t even have enough monopoly money to pay our national debt. But, one time a year, we get to hear our president pretend to be a stand up comedian and poke fun at himself and the government during the White House Correspondent’s Dinner. Some of Obama’s jokes included Hillary Clinton drunk texting, lack of hussle in Congress, and how douchey Donald Trump is. Nice to see that amidst everything, America’s still got a sense of humor.
Eagles and draft picks- BC’s golden boy was drafted ninth overall to the Carolina Panthers, the first Eagle to be drafted in the top-10 since Matt Ryan. Good job, Luke. Way to do our school proud and make us remember how athletically talented we really are despite what the records say. We’ll miss you next year!
Remembering raspberries- Getting worried that you can’t possibly memorize that many equations for your biochem final? Maybe you should stock up on some blueberries. A new study suggests the more you eat berries, the more you remember things. Not sure if anything but divine intervention can help us memorize 142 pieces of art for our Art History final, but at this point we are desperate enough to try anything.
Thumbs Down:
Loss- Our thoughts go out to Michael Gannon’s friends and family. We hope that everyone will keep them in their thoughts and prayers during this tough time. May the road rise up to meet you.
Killing cuteness- A German artist, in the name of “art,” wanted to strangle two puppies on stage to demonstrate the plight of sled dogs. Luckily, this motion was denied due to Germany’s animal cruelty laws. What kind of horrible, horrible person would even consider killing one puppy, let alone two?  Thumbs Down for definitely being a serial killer material.
To infinity, no more- One of the last space shuttles ever flew over New York City the other day. Cue for extreme nostalgia. It doesn’t seem too long ago that we dreamt of space camp and tried to guess if the moving stars in the sky were airplanes or rockets. We’re getting old, aren’t we?

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