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BC Dining transparency may decrease unrest

Students should be able to choose where, and how, their meal money is spent

Published: Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Updated: Wednesday, January 9, 2013 18:01


Boston College students understand that serving the community is an important and fulfilling use of their time—if they choose to spend it that way. Spending their money for a good cause should be no different. Ten percent of the money BC Dining Services (BCDS) makes from the mandatory student meal plans pays for special employee benefits. Because meal plans are paid for separately, not as part of BC tuition, the University should use a different source of money for benefits rather than place the responsibility on students. Many students at BC need a significant amount of financial aid. By shouldering the cost of employee benefits, these students have to worry about paying almost $5,000 per year for food that actually costs much less.
Some students find themselves with too much money at the end of the year, and some run out long before.The Heights, therefore, believes that BC students should have more options when it comes to meal plans. For many, unused money would be extremely helpful in terms of covering other expenses. If students paid for their own food instead of having a set meal plan or had the option of choosing from among several mandatory plan options, they might be more willing to pay high prices. Similarly, if students were made more aware of  where their dining dollars actually go, they might not question the price of food.
If BC cannot pay for employee benefits itself, The Heights recommends that the school at least provide students with realistic options regarding meal plans and more information about exactly what those meal plans pay for.  

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