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Be a responsible citizen in local community

Students living both on and off campus are reminded to respect Allston-Brighton neighbors

Published: Monday, September 24, 2012

Updated: Wednesday, January 9, 2013 19:01

As students are finally getting settled into their new off-campus digs, The Heights would like to ask those students to reflect on what it means to be a respectful Boston College citizen in the local community. Living off campus is an exciting new venture for most, one that is accompanied by unrivaled freedom, but also newfound responsibility.

Now residing outside the confines of residence halls and meal plans, off-campus students must remember that they are members of the Allston-Brighton community, and act as such. This includes keeping yards clean, maintaining a reasonable noise level, and most importantly, properly controlling social gatherings. Oftentimes, uncontrolled parties result in destruction and vandalism of property, undermining the value of the entire community.
The responsibility does not simply apply to our off-campus community, however, as students who choose to make their way down Comm. Ave. on the weekends must also consider their behavior. Student parties and, even more so, groups of students wandering the local neighborhoods often create a hostile environment for those individuals who are full-time residents of the community. Retired couples and couples with young children live in this neighborhood and have done so for many years – well before students moved into these more residential surroundings.
The University has worked long and hard with these neighbors in recent years and has gained their cooperation and respect. The Heights challenges the student body to similarly gain the respect of our off-campus neighbors. So, next weekend, and throughout the months to come, try not to make excessive noise when attending social gatherings, and be knowledgeable about your treatment of Allston-Brighton.

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