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Campus safety should always be a top concern

A recent memo to Boston College faculty reminds us all to keep our campus safe by reporting crimes

Published: Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Updated: Wednesday, January 9, 2013 20:01


In light of a memo sent to faculty and staff advisors at Boston College reminding them to report any crimes, The Heights believes it is important to extend this reminder to all members of the BC community. Students, as well as professors, staff, and faculty, should make an effort to report all crime they witness, know about, or strongly suspect, in hopes that an increase in the rate of reporting will decrease the frequency of these incidents.
It is imperative to remember that even though we may feel safe here at BC, crime exists both on and off campus and we must be aware at all times. Students and members of the BC community should remember to keep an eye on their belongings, make smart decisions, and take safety precautions to the best of their ability. Crime reporting will benefit everyone at BC and in the surrounding neighborhoods, and will ultimately add to the experience of everyone who chooses to work or study here.
Although this reminder was originally sent to faculty and staff advisors, it is an important reminder for the whole community. The Heights commends the effort on the part of the University to keep BC safe for everyone, but wishes to expand this awareness to all of the students. Reporting all crimes to BCPD, from sexual assault to theft, will ultimately make  BC a better, and safer, place. 

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