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Changes to ALC Boat Cruise commendable

The Heights praises ALC for increasing safety measures and working to attract a diverse audience

Published: Sunday, October 21, 2012

Updated: Wednesday, January 9, 2013 19:01


The Heights would like to commend the Programming Department of the AHANA Leadership Council (ALC), for taking the initiative to assess its annual ALC Boat Cruise and make the changes it deemed necessary. This event, which is already well-loved on campus, was a success again this Saturday.
One improvement that the council made, on its own accord, was to make student safety a top priority. To reduce incidents, and ensure that the boat was able to leave the harbor on time, the ALC instituted coat, boot, and purse checks before students were allowed to board the buses that were shuttling people to the event. By taking important issues of safety into its own hands, ALC showed a true commitment to making this event run smoothly in order to ensure that it will continue for many more years, and that it represented Boston College well.
This year, the event was not only safer for students, but also more inclusive to the entire student body. By instituting a specific theme, “Casino Night,” ALC succeeded in attracting a greater number of students, both AHANA and non-AHANA alike. The Heights appreciates the ALC’s effort to correct the common misconception that this event is only open to AHANA students.
The Heights would like to encourage the ALC to continue to reflect each year on how to improve this event even more. By revamping the event year to year, the success of the ALC and all of their events will continue to grow.  

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