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Eagle EMS vehicle a step toward better safety

Acquisition of vehicle will help better medical response time as well as improve community outreach

Published: Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Updated: Wednesday, January 9, 2013 19:01


After nearly a decade, Eagle EMS, Boston College’s fully student-run emergency medical service, has secured a vehicle for their exclusive use. Because the group receives no money from the Student Organization Funding Committee (SOFC), Eagle EMS has worked with the University administration to make this goal a reality. 
Out of the 100 EMS members, roughly 90 of which are registered EMTs, 15 will be allowed to drive the vehicle, and another 15 will be allowed to ride along after taking a specific training course. Now, every Thursday through Saturday, Eagle EMS will be able to more effectively help the BCPD and local EMTs provide emergency medical service during the overnight shift. Every weekend night, the new Eagle EMS vehicle will be the first to respond to calls and provide initial medical response. 
The Heights feels that the acquisition of this vehicle will positively impact student safety and allow for a better use of medical resources. Because Eagle EMS members will arrive at the scene first, they will be able to stabilize patients before the ambulance company arrives, assisting local EMTs and streamlining the transportation process. 
While members of Eagle EMS will not be doing new work, per se, they will be better equipped to execute work they were already doing. The new vehicle will allow Eagle EMS to travel rapidly to both the Brighton and Newton campuses, meaning members of Eagle EMS will now be able to reach residence halls before an ambulance company would. 
Now that Eagle EMS can respond rapidly to on campus emergencies, The Heights hopes that students will feel comfortable calling for help in situations when it is needed.  Eagle EMS EMTs volunteer their time for the safety of students, and can lend both emergency medical assistance and moral support to those who might have had a bit too much fun on the weekend. Often students who are transported are distressed, worrying about how much trouble they will get in or whether their parents will find out about their escapades—with their new vehicle, Eagle EMS EMTs will be there to make sure patients are as comfortable as possible with the transport process.
In addition to allowing for primary medical response, the new vehicle will strengthen the Eagle EMS program and enable them to reach out to the community more effectively. The vehicle will be a teaching tool, as well, providing hands-on ambulance experience to Eagle EMS members. 

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