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BC Females Should Use Alumnae Community

Alums Like Amy Gips Can Be Resources For Female Students Looking To Enter The Business World

Published: Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Updated: Wednesday, February 27, 2013 23:02


Amy Gips, BC ’04, strives to provide opportunities to female entrepreneurs because she recognized early in her career on Wall Street that women often enter the business world at a disadvantage, having limited networks of potential investors. Gips’ experience is proof of the very real obstacles that women still face today when entering the business world. On top of the recent publicity of the statistic stating that women leave Boston College with less confidence in their abilities than when they arrived, this information can color a disheartening world view for those who prefer to think only of how far women have come, and not of the gaps they still must bridge. 
A partial solution can be found, however, in the cooperation between alums, such as Gips, who are conscious of the problems faced by women today and the community of bright, driven female students at BC. Current students can look to alumnae such as Gips as role models: successful businesswomen who embody what they, as students, have the potential to become. In return, alums in situations like Gips’ can draw upon the vast population of capable female students at BC for jobs and internships, providing them with mentorship and connections for future endeavors. Working together, BC alumnae and current BC students can strive to promote equality in the professional world.

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