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BCVC Meets A Need, Hosts A Successful Startup Fair

The First Annual Startup Career Fair Offered Internship Possibilities To Entrepreneurial Students

Published: Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Updated: Wednesday, February 20, 2013 22:02


The Heights Room was home to a different kind of career fair this Monday as Boston College Venture Competition (BCVC) hosted its first ever startup career fair. Smaller and less formal than the semi-annual internship fair, BCVC’s event provided students with the unique opportunity to learn more about a variety of local startups by talking to the individuals who work at and, in some cases, founded them.
As an organization devoted to getting BC students more involved in entrepreneurship, BCVC served its mission well by capitalizing on BC’s location in one of the startup capitals of America. With over 1,600 companies, Boston provides a fruitful landscape for those hoping to make their way into the startup scene. In addition, many of the companies that were represented at the fair had been started by BC alumni. By drawing upon the rich resources of Boston’s startup community and the alumni that populate it, BCVC was able to create a successful career fair.
BCVC’s fair provides a nice complement to the already popular internship fair by catering to students with a more specific interest and presenting opportunities to students of all years. Some individuals prefer to enter the business world via a smaller company, where they are more likely to play a larger role early on in their career and have more contact with those who run the business. Additionally, startup companies are more likely to hire younger interns than larger, more well-established businesses—they often take on students who have just finished their freshman year. This is a great opportunity for young people who are interested in entrepreneurship because it allows them to gain real experience while still having several years of college ahead of them. The world of startups can be a risky one, and internships allow students to learn from and contribute to a company without assuming much risk.
Finally, startups, to a greater extent than large businesses, look for students with creativity, and offer them an outlet through which they can express it. Job descriptions in newer businesses are often less prescribed and allow for more sharing of ideas as the company strives to improve and make a name for itself. An intern at such a company may find him or herself contributing in a way that would be impossible at a large business.
BCVC realized the unique advantage being in Boston offers for those interested in startups and capitalized on this, meeting a need for the BC community by catering to creative and talented young students looking for a productive and interesting way to spend their summers, and perhaps their lives. 

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