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Career Center must diversify Career Fair

For students whose career goals are not addressed, Career Center should propose alternatives

Published: Monday, September 24, 2012

Updated: Wednesday, January 9, 2013 19:01


The Boston College Career Fair was held last Thursday in Conte Forum with over 100 companies in attendance. Many BC students printed out their resumes, practiced their elevator speeches, and donned their best suit or pencil skirt. Some students, however, did not bother to attend, despite constant news flashes about high unemployment rates and low job availability. There seemed to be a consensus among certain facets of the BC student body that the Career Fair is useful solely to CSOM students, despite the Career Center’s insistence that all BC students and all majors are welcome.
The Heights would like to say there is a degree of truth to the students’ claim. Although some companies present were relevant to students in all schools, the majority of companies seemed to be catered to students studying marketing, finance, accounting, or some sort of business major.
We understand that a large number of financial companies at the Career Fair is unavoidable, as those companies will pay the cost to have a table and will also hire multiple students for entry level positions. However, we believe that the Career Center should work to fix this imbalance, as it is unfair to BC students who are not seeking employment in those fields. For example, there were only two or three tables that truly applied to students studying communication, the most popular major at BC. 
We know that a rapid diversifying of clients is easier said than done, so we also ask that if the Career Center hears of other career or internship fairs in the area, they let the students know.  Between all the colleges and conventions in our area, there are plenty of opportunities for students to discover employers that are right for them.
We do, however, encourage those who are frustrated by the homogeneity of BC’s Career Fair not to completely disregard it. It may not have exactly what you are looking for, but you could be pleasantly surprised by a company you may have not even considered.

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