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Eagles' Hard Work Earns Fourth Beanpot In A Row

Monday's Championship Allows Seniors To Boast An Impressive Undefeated Beanpot Record

Published: Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Updated: Wednesday, February 13, 2013 22:02

The Heights would like to congratulate the members of the Boston College men’s hockey team for their notable achievement of winning four straight Beanpot championships, marking the first time BC has attained such an accomplishment. The men’s hockey players and coaches have put in countless hours this season, and their efforts were rewarded on the ice this past Monday with their 6-3 victory over Northeastern University.

The victory marked the Eagles’ 18th Beanpot title and their seventh under coach Jerry York. The hockey senior class—Patch Alber, Brooks Dyroff, Parker Milner, Pat Mullane, Pat Wey, Steven Whitney and manager Tom Maguire—deserves recognition and praise for its fourth Beanpot championship title. The seniors have led the BC hockey team to four straight victories and The Heights congratulates them for their impressive 8-0 Beanpot record. Despite their success, however, the captains made sure to share the praise—they seemed to be more excited to pass on a streak to the underclassmen than to celebrate one of their own.

It goes without saying that York has played a massive part in the history of BC hockey. As a player on the BC hockey team in the mid 1960s, York had a key role in the 1965 win that gained the Eagles their first ever third consecutive Beanpot championship. Then a sophomore, he scored the goal in overtime that would catapult the Eagles to victory.

This year’s Beanpot championship marks York’s ninth silver trophy ever and seventh as a coach. The win is just one of many accolades York has achieved this season, including his title as winningest coach in NCAA hockey history and his recent induction to the Beanpot Hall of Fame. York has established the BC men’s hockey team as an athletic powerhouse. His hard work, enthusiasm, and humility serve as an example for other leaders on BC campus.

Finally, The Heights would like to recognize the loyal BC Superfans. While the Eagles skated to victory, BC students filled the TD Garden during both the semifinal and championship game to cheer on their team. Before leaving the press conference after the final game, Mullane made sure to comment on how much motivation the team gets from looking at the upper deck at the TD Garden, packed with maroon and gold. With the support of the Superfans, the hockey team won Boston schools’ hockey bragging rights for another year.

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