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Lambda Office Vandalism Is Inexcusable

'The Heights' Supports Lambda’s Decision To Make A Message Out Of The Wall, Not Cover It Up

Published: Thursday, January 24, 2013

Updated: Thursday, January 24, 2013 01:01


Over the long weekend, the office of the Lambda Law Students Association, the GLBTQ student group at Boston College Law School, was vandalized. Quite possibly on the same day that the President of the United States delivered a speech that made explicit reference to the equal rights of GLBTQ citizens—symbolizing our country’s progress on that issue—someone was scrawling offensive words across the wall of the Lambda office. It is even more saddening to know that this occurred over Martin Luther King, Jr. weekend, a time set aside for the advancement of equal rights.
It is regrettable that this crime comes at a time when not just our country but Boston College in particular has been making great strides in regards to GLBTQ rights. With the creation of the Spectrum retreat and the highly popular Ellen2BC campaign, it seems that BC, which historically has been relatively unwelcoming to GLBTQ students in comparison with other universities, has been working to make this group more comfortable.
The Heights, however, believes that the situation has been handled commendably and in a way that may further the cause of GLBTQ students, rather than set it back. Lambda has received much support from the law community as well as alumni, and we urge them to go through with their plans to transform the vandalized wall into a space that celebrates their cause. Taking this action would send the message that those who share the beliefs of the vandal(s) are, in fact, the minority and that such behavior will not be tolerated by the BC community.

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