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Quonset Hut renovations much needed on Newton

Improvements provide quality resources to Newtonites that are on par with those on Main Campus

Published: Sunday, September 30, 2012

Updated: Wednesday, January 9, 2013 18:01


The Quonset Hut, the exercise facility on Newton Campus, recently underwent a renovation that included a new basketball court, space for fitness classes, and upgraded exercise and weight machines. The Heights would like to commend Campus Recreation for initiating and carrying out such a project.
The Quonset Hut was known for its run-down demeanor and outdated equipment. Machines were frequently “out of order,” the basketball court was poorly lit, and fitness classes were few and far between. Many Newton students would opt to exercise at the Plex, despite the Hut’s central location to their dorms. Now, students have quick and convenient access to quality equipment and space.
The Heights would also like to thank the administration for approving the renovation, even though a new 8,500 square foot exercise facility is planned for construction on Newton in accordance with the University’s Institutional Master Plan. The current improvements, albeit only effective for the next few freshman classes, will surely increase gym attendance throughout the Newton student body.
In addition, it will also increase morale. Often, Newton students say that they have inferior resources compared to their Upper counterparts. With no printing center, undergraduate library, or social center similar to the O’Connell House, this feeling is in some ways legitimate, and the old Hut certainly contributed to this sentiment. The recent makeover, however, is an important step toward evening the proverbial playing field and giving all students easier access to better facilities.
The Heights urges the administration to continue to look for ways improve the Newton Campus during the next few years. Freshmen will undoubtedly appreciate any work done to improve their Newton experience. 

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