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SnowJam shortcomings must be acknowledged

Students who feel cheated by Campus Vacations should let their feelings be known

Published: Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Updated: Wednesday, January 9, 2013 18:01


This year, the much-hyped SnowJam ski trip to Mont Tremblant, Quebec, fell far short of expectations stemming from its reputation amongst past participants as one of the most exciting events available to Boston College students. Snowstorms in Canada resulted in massive delays for the buses taking students there, causing the bus rides to take twice as long as usual or, in the case of three buses, not happen at all.
While there, students staying in the chalets encountered problems with the shuttles that transported students to and from the mountain, which caused a large number of participants to miss many of the advertised functions of the weekend. On the way back, one bus had a mechanical issue and all of its passengers had to stay overnight in Montreal, and did not return to BC until 3 p.m. the following afternoon.
The Heights urges those students who were affected by these and other occurrences to be proactive about voicing their opinions and to try to get their money back. We understand that Campus Vacations has promised compensation packages, but if these do not seem adequate, contact Campus Vacations and explain why. In addition, we urge students to learn from this experience to rely on not just what they've heard, but what they know. For example, purchasing travel insurance on trips may be a wise decision, and a reasonably priced way to save money in the face of disaster.

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