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UGBC, choose cabinet members wisely

Look for dedicated students willing to take action immediately to effect change on BC’s campus

Published: Monday, April 2, 2012

Updated: Wednesday, January 9, 2013 18:01


To the newly elected president and vice president of UGBC, Chris Osnato and Kudzai Taziva, respectively, The Heights asks that you take care and choose representatives wisely when reviewing the UGBC Senior Cabinet Applications. Those students selected to fill the various positions within the Cabinet should be dedicated individuals who will not only embody your mission of bringing UGBC to the average student, but will also be prepared to act and make a difference on this campus. The student body readily responds to tangible efforts on the part of the UGBC, so look for individuals who are energetic, ready to work, and who will really give of their time to advocate for student causes.
When making your final decisions, The Heights would also remind Osnato and Taziva to not be blinded by “party politics,” and to choose the best students for the positions regardless of their support, or lack thereof, during the campaigning process. Too often, qualified individuals are passed up in favor of a more “loyal” candidate. While we understand that you need to be able to have positive working relationships with the people you select, don’t let trivial gossip-of-the-past muddle your judgment.
Ultimately, we place our trust in you to choose the very best students for these positions – free and clear of past politics.

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