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UGBC Makes Right Move For Spring Entertainment

Macklemore At Mostock Solves This Year's Problem, But Single Spring Event Must Not Be Precedent

Published: Monday, February 25, 2013

Updated: Monday, February 25, 2013 00:02


The Undergraduate Government of Boston College (UGBC) announced yesterday night that they have cancelled the Spring Concert in order to use a larger portion of their budget on Modstock. As a result, they have secured Macklemore for Modstock this spring. In making these changes, UGBC transformed what could have been two mediocre events into one free concert that is sure to please a large majority of students. After the disappointing Spring Concert and Modstock events last year, UGBC asked students what they would like to see this year. After hearing that students would prefer a popular, current artist to events featuring older, less relevant performers, they decided to put all their funds toward hosting a single, higher-quality event. It is admirable that UGBC was able to recognize that students were unhappy and got their feedback before deciding what to do to improve this year’s events.
A free concert featuring Macklemore is certainly an improvement from last year. The combination of two concerts into one, however, should not be a precedent for years to come. It is surely the best solution for this year, but the Spring Concert should not be eliminated forever. The Fall Concert, Spring Concert, and Modstock are likely the most anticipated UGBC events each year. In future years, UGBC should strive to provide students with three large-scale, high-quality events. Several other schools are able to hold more than one concert each year with high-profile, popular performers, and BC should be able to do the same. Another solution would be to host a single, festival-esque event during the spring where multiple performers are featured. Simply spending more on Modstock is not a permanent solution.

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