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Extend the Event to All, Create a Tradition

Published: Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Updated: Wednesday, January 9, 2013 18:01

The University's decision to host a reception for the sophomore sesquicentennial class at the Museum of Science is one that The Heights commends. To organize events such as this for students—events that promote class bonding, get students into a seldom visited area, and offer a unique opportunity to dress up and interact in a different setting—is fantastic. Its popularity with the student population is also evidenced by all of the tickets to the event are sold out. The only detraction to this event is the fact that it's only open to one of the four classes currently enrolled at Boston College. Events such as this such would prove to be formative and beneficial for every class—not only those who happen to end up in the class of 2013.

Moreover, the fact that more events that encourage class bonding do not exist is unfortunate. When students enter as freshmen, they are invited to attend Welcome Week events as a group in preparation for their shared journey over the next four years. They do not convene again in a formal setting until Senior Week, in preparation for commencement and beginning our journeys apart for the rest of our lives. 
To have an event that seeks to bring together all members of a given class during their middle—and often most formative—years at BC could be highly beneficial. This would offer a chance for students to touch base with those in the sea of 2,000 they may have lost track of over the course of their semesters. We are delighted that the sophomore class enjoyed themselves last night and we believe that the experience is one that could—and should—be felt by every BC student.

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