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In response to “A call for elections regulation” (Feb. 21), by The Heights Editorial Board:

Published: Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Updated: Wednesday, January 9, 2013 18:01


 In response to Monday's editorial, ‘A call for elections regulation,' the elections committee would first like to echo The Heights'call to the Boston College student community to be aware of elections regulations and to report any suspected violations via the complaint form on the elections committee's website.  UGBC presidential, vice presidential, and senatorial candidates are striving to become representatives of the student body, and should be held to high standards of conduct and accountability.  Furthermore, we want to encourage students to get involved in electing their student representatives, whether by running for office, joining a presidential or senatorial campaign, or simply logging into myBC to vote.

We want to stress, however, our mandate to maintain a balance between strictly upholding University policy and encouraging creativity and freedom in campaigning.  We are certainly committed to holding candidates to a high standard, but we are also responsible for ensuring that campaign regulations are not so stringent and restrictive that they stifle creativity and make taking part in the elections process overly onerous, frustrating, and complicated.

 For this reason, our goal is to encourage fair, amicable, and innovative UGBC elections in which candidates challenge each other to create ever-better visions for BC's future, and in which more and more students seek to be involved.  To this end, we are dedicated to effectively publicizing the elections, encouraging students to vote, and acting as a resource to help candidates navigate the process, in addition to simultaneously fulfilling our oversight and enforcement duties.

We are happy to report, moreover, that our efforts have been successful so far.  This year alone, in addition to receiving fewer complaints and sanctioning fewer violations than in the past three years, an unprecedented number of students have cast their votes in the primary elections (3,284, a 70 percent increase from last year).  This is a testament not only to the hard work of our committee, but to the tireless creativity, visibility, and dedication of the candidates.  We thank the candidates, their campaign staffs, and the student body for a successful election season so far, and look forward to the final elections next week.


Mike O'Hara & Carter Bielen

UGBC Elections Committee Co-Chairs

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