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Jan. 16 Thumbs Up, Thumbs Down

Published: Thursday, January 16, 2014

Updated: Thursday, January 16, 2014 01:01

Thumbs Up

“Silly Week” - With the first week of school almost over, here is the obligatory Thumb’s Up to Syllabus Week. Although it is certainly cliched, it is also completely necessary because, well, what’s not to like? It’s a great way to ease back into school with classes devoted solely to going over the syllabus, the class requirements, the reading, the scheduling, and not much work. Further, since so many classes cannot spend nearly the entire allotted time doing those things, many classes get out early. Once again, what’s not to love? So, fellow BC students, take advantage of this time to catch up with friends after winter break, hit the gym, watch entire seasons of TV shows, and go to MA’s on weeknights, because it won’t last long. Soon enough, we’ll all be mired in papers, exams, and projects as far as the eye can see and we’ll be pining for the good ol’ days of Silly Week.

Unseasonable Weather - We here at TU/TD have been pleasantly surprised upon our return to campus this last week. Unusual for the Northeast at this time of year, the cold weather has been incredibly mild. Hailing from south of the Mason-Dixon line, we are incredibly grateful for this, as it is always a rough transition coming back from warm weather to the bitter, stinging cold of the Northeast after Winter Break.

Dining Halls - The beginning of the school year offers many great new things—new classes, fresh starts, and the opportunity to get back to the Plex to keep those New Years’ resolutions. One often-overlooked benefit to the new year is the fresh stock in the dining halls. As each semester winds down, the dining halls don’t necessarily replace all of their consumed stock because of the impending departure of masses of students. Come the beginning of each semester, students are greeted upon their triumphant return to campus with fully stocked dining halls—working fro-yo machines, fridges full of Honest Teas, and shelves full of many different kinds of chips. A source close to The Heights has even told TU/TD that the salad bar has feta.


Thumbs Down

The Bookstore - There has got to be a better system than the one that we have in place. The bookstore becomes a warzone this time of year—books are flying, students are yelling, two girls are fighting to the death for the last textbook, and some scared employees are huddled in the corner trying to escape the carnage. It looks like those scenes from Mean Girls where Cady imagines the world around her in terms of the jungles of Africa where she had once lived. Well, maybe that was a gross exaggeration, but the long lines, overpriced books, and crowded quarters are certainly unpleasant.

That One Professor - Everyone has that one professor—you know, the one that completely disregards that established standarad operating procedures of Syllabus Week and assigns real work during the first week. The worst offenders are the ones who start off their first classes running by teaching the whole first class and saying that students can read the syllabus on their own. Oftentimes, the only ones running are the students—right out of that professor’s class into an easier section.


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