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Letters To The Editor

  • LTE: Reflections Of A College Conservative

    I am a card-carrying Republican. As a Catholic, Asian-American, and Millennial student government leader, my conservative political beliefs mark me as a rarity. From Maryland to Massachusetts, my political stance elicits expressions ranging from disdain to disgust. The most common reaction is confusion.

  • LTE: WeAreBC Week Is A Social Media Success

    We’d like to thank everyone who helped to make our first “WeAreBC Week” to welcome the incoming freshman class through social media such a resounding success.

  • LTE: On Quitting The Marathon

    This Is In Response To “Not Afraid Of Quitting” By Kendra Kumor, Originally Published On 3/24/14

    From the viewpoint of a Campus School Marathon Team Chair who contributed to the decision not to send Campus School runners to the Boston Marathon this year, I would like to address Kendra Kumor’s column, “Not Afraid of Quitting,” published on March 24.

  • LTE: Demand Justice For The Minorities In Syria

    During our four brief years at college, we rightfully focus on engaging with our direct surroundings. However, exceptional circumstances in faraway places occasionally deserve our full attention.

  • LTE: Question Of God Deserves More Consideration

    This is in response to “Losing my religion” by Stephen Sikora, originally published on 3/20/14

    I came across Stephen Sikora’s reflection on becoming an atheist (“Losing my religion,” March 19, 2014) at Boston College by way of Facebook, and I must commend Sikora for his courage in writing it. While he praises BC for intellectual openness, he must be aware that surely many Jesuits and other faith-filled professors are disappointed by his conclusions.

  • LTE: On The Need For Bus Etiquette

    As a Boston College Law student and double Eagle, the worst part of my day is not waking up early, reading unintelligible cases, or even waiting behind people who pay with cash at the dining halls. Instead, I have come to dread riding the buses to and from class. Bus etiquette has declined appallingly since I graduated last May.

  • LTE: Gratitude For The Pep Band

    This letter is a huge shout out to the Boston College Pep Band for the fine way it has welcomed my 5-year-old son into their midst. Last year, my younger son took an interest in the Pep Band and we would visit them regularly between periods. The band members were terrific, showing him their instruments and explaining to him how they worked.

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