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LTE: A Letter From Santa

Show Up In Shreveport

Published: Friday, December 20, 2013

Updated: Friday, December 20, 2013 14:12

A couple of years ago my kids wrote a letter to Santa asking him to bring Boston College a new Director of Athletics and a new head football coach. So this December they decided to show their gratitude and send Santa a thank you note for bringing Brad Bates and Steve Addazio to the Heights. Apparently Santa was a little ahead of schedule this year and had time to send the below reply back:


Dear Nate, Emma, and the rest of Eagles Nation,

I had received a lot of letters in the fall of 2011 from Boston College football fans expressing their frustration with the way the team was playing and the direction the program was going. Although I am in the toy making business, so many of these letters seemed to have come from sad children that they touched my heart and I was determined to see what I could do to help.

Now it is one year later and I am happy to say that the large majority of the letters from kids in the northeast are once again asking for real presents instead of new sports coaches. It is nice to see so many of the children saying thank you in their letters for answering their most recent wishes. They have shared stories about how exciting it was at the Heights this past season with Andre Williams leading an inspired team as he became the first Doak Walker Award winner from BC and only the second Heisman finalist ever from their school. They talked about watching a fantastic fireworks show homecoming weekend and seeing Welles, the new live eagle mascot, and how the fans rushed onto the field on Senior Day to celebrate with the team after they beat NC State to become bowl eligible.

To me it sounded like the program was back on track, but some letter writers seem to believe that Santa can work miracles. They started asking for my help to get BC into a high profile New Year’s Day bowl game and that is the reason for this letter.

I am sorry to say that Santa does not have that kind of clout. In fact, from what I understand, when it comes to the bowl selection committees, nearly as important as the team’s record on the field is the fans’ record in the stands. Something tells me that not all of the letters of frustration with the 12 year streak of inconsequential “I’ve never heard of that company” bowls that Santa received were from tiny tots.

Nonetheless BC fans I will tell you this much…your reputation as having a fan base that does not travel well is common knowledge not just in college football circles, but even up here in the North Pole. The elves figure they could pack a stadium to watch reindeer games better than BC fans have for past bowl games. So consider Shreveport a stepping stone for future bowl invitation aspirations. It sure looks like Coach Addazio is doing his part to build a winning program. And you can be pretty certain that Brad Bates will do everything he can to secure more bowl games in the future. So that only leaves YOU, the BC alums, fans, and current students.

This is your one chance to influence the future of the BC football program so don’t take it lightly. It’s time to step up or shut up about getting “stuck” with what you deem lesser bowls in the past. These student athletes and coaches have worked really hard as a team to get to this point and they have earned your respect. Now they deserve your support.

Just the other day my Bristol, CT based elves texted me that ESPN rates Shreveport as one of the best host Bowl cities in the nation, year in and year out. So show up in Shreveport BC Nation. Show up in big numbers from all points across your country and paint that town Maroon and Gold. Get ready to enjoy the parade and pep rally at the Louisiana Boardwalk or the Gridiron Club parties, or the welcome reception, pregame FanFest and New Year’s Eve bash being hosted by the Alumni Association. Pack your BC apparel and Super Fan T-shirts and hats with the eagle wings flapping and get on down there so that the hotels, restaurants, casinos, and streets are alive with “We Are, BC”.

You can do it. You can break your school’s bad travel reputation with just this one game. Show up in Shreveport. Get the attention of the bowl committees in Arlington, Tampa, Orlando, Dallas, Jacksonville, or Atlanta - SEND MOR FANZ.

Well, time for me to drive out of sight…Happy Christmas to all and to all a Good Flight!
S. Claus

So what are you doing New Year’s? I hope you will join me in taking Santa’s advice and Show up in Shreveport. It’s going to be a lot of fun - would love to see you there.

– Mike Shoule, BC ‘92

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