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Mar. 18 Thumbs Up, Thumbs Down

Published: Sunday, March 17, 2013

Updated: Sunday, March 17, 2013 21:03


Thumbs Up

Time For Class - Course pick times are up, and everyone is once again filled with the academic enthusiasm that he or she possesses at the outset of each semester and at every course registration time. You pore over the class offerings, thrilled by the seemingly endless possibilities for intellectual avenues your mind can embark upon. The fact that you will stop doing the reading approximately 2.5 weeks into the semester is irrelevant. The immense potential you have for sleeping through classes before 11 a.m. is ignored. No, you are a star student and the world is your oyster. Unless, of course, you are a senior and you have no course registration time because come May, you’re an adult. We do not envy you.

Spell On, Good People - We were very proud this weekend to see the extent to which people aggressively used social media to remind everyone that it is “St. Paddy’s Day,” not “St. Patty’s Day.” Several news sources, including, featured extensive articles explaining the origin of the nickname “Paddy.” Such commitment to spelling, especially when the audience was largely too inebriated to spell even their own names correctly, is really an inspiration to all spelling enthusiasts, and we hope such devotion to orthography continues throughout the year.  

Thumbs Down

Weezy’s Last Rights? - There has been great ambiguity as of late surrounding the state of Lil Wayne’s physical health. The question of his mental health has long since been abandoned. But, rest assured, the Twitter accounts of Mack Maine and Birdman tell us that Weezy is alive and well despite the fact that he suffered a seizure after he binged on his infamous “Sizzurp.” We hope you are as horrified as we are that we live in a day where the previous sentence actually makes sense and is not jibberish.

#hashtagsonhashtags - Hashtag is coming to Facebook. While this is probably a good thing for people who actually use social media to garner attention for worthy causes or their business, this development does not bode well for your average college students. Hashtags are literally taking over the world. Don’t believe us? #jesusiscoming is now trending on Twitter. That lovely little synopsis of the New Testament is being spread worldwide. So, on the day of reckoning, none of us can be surprised, cuz we read it on Twitter.

A Misguided $2 million - Last week, Kristen Bell and a handful of other members of the Veronica Mars cast and crew released a video on Kickstarter essentially asking for donations from fans who wanted to see a Veronica Mars movie. The video clip said that if they received $2 million, they would be able to produce the film. Eleven hours later, they had the money. Our question: these thousands of donors had a collective $2 million burning holes in their pockets and they chose to spend it on a Veronica Mars movie?? When attempting to come up with a list of causes more worthy of receiving a donation of $2 million movie, our brains shut down due to overload.  

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