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New England Classic: more than a sandwich

The self-funded satirical publications plays a vital role on campus, which students should support

Published: Thursday, May 3, 2012

Updated: Wednesday, January 9, 2013 19:01


Unlike traditional news sources, satirical publications bring a level of clarity and truth to issues that straight news often fails to deliver. Particularly on college campuses, where creativity, intelligence, and freewheeling enthusiasm is often met with bureaucracy, stuffiness, and arrogance, satire is an important vehicle for information. Boston College’s own satirical publication, The New England Classic, is now in its fifth year as a completely independent and self-funded endeavor. Recently, however, editors of the Classic have found themselves with empty pockets. 
The students who started the Classic did so on their own, without University funding, as an intellectual exercise. Since its inception in 2007, the Classic has been made possible with the help of advertisements from local businesses and the support from friends and classmates. However today, most of their funding comes from the editors’ own bank accounts. They are not receiving academic credit for their enterprise, and their clippings from the broadsheet will probably not end up in a resume packet. Yet, this is a model for any creative venture within a campus society, and should receive the support of the student body. 
 The Classic gives intelligent, thoughtful, and informed students the opportunity to anonymously critique the life and times of BC in a way that is both funny and revealing. It often initiates discussions about topics that may be considered inappropriate in any other setting.
Back in 2009, The Heights wrote an editorial encouraging editors and writers of The New England Classic to remain independent from and unfunded by the University. We stand by this recommendation, but three years later, editors of the Classic have found themselves in a tight spot, and we feel the need to say something again. 
The New England Classic took our advice the last time around and initiated grassroots fundraising among the student body by selling Classic t-shirts and sponsoring soirees. They’ve tried it all, and still they struggle to stay afloat. If students recognize the value of a satirical news source on campus, they should actively support the Classic. The final issue comes out in the next couple of days. Look for it, pick it up, read it, and support The New England Classic.

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