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Nov.8 Thumbs Up, Thumbs Down

Published: Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Updated: Wednesday, January 9, 2013 18:01


Thumbs Up:
The Holy War- The weekend we have all been waiting for has finally arrived. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, this Saturday night, underneath the stadium lights, the Boston College football team will be battling (or should we say struggling) against the Notre Dame football team. And while our hearts are not set on a victory, we know it will be a night to remember. Or for many, a night of foggy memories. 
Let it snow- Although we know we will be sick of the stuff in about of month, there is something so beautiful and blissful about the season’s first snowfall. ’Tis the season of snow-covered Gasson-grams, and ’tis the season of some slippery wipe-outs on O’Neill Plaza. Come on, you know you laugh a little when you see someone in one of those knee-length North Face turd jackets take a tumble.
Reaching the finish line- After months of snarky political commercials and unintelligent Facebook statuses, we can finally celebrate the end of the election season. Yes, we have a president. But honestly, we’re more excited for the sassy liberals and pissed conservatives to get off our Twitter feed.
Political Parties- Even though we’re pretty convinced most students only showed up to the Election Watch for the Georgetown cupcakes, it’s safe to say the night was a “success.”  And yes, by success we mean that the night ended without an all-out brawl between liberals and conservatives. After all, isn’t that a bipartisan party at its best? 
Drunken Diane- Anyone who watched ABC’s election coverage last night noticed that Diane Sawyer was drunk as a skunk. Sure, we could judge her for not respecting America’s politics, but we think it’s more fun guessing what kind of election night drinking game she participated in. Shot of bourbon every time her co-anchor mentioned Ohio? Wizard Staff when a state messed up the voting process (C’mon Florida, get your s—t together)? Franzia bag to the face when Karl Rove had a conniption on Fox News? The possibilites are endless.
Thumbs Down:
Sore losers- It seems that some students at the University of Mississippi are a little bitter. While most rational voters, conservatives and liberals alike, moved on with their lives after Obama’s re-election, these Ole Miss students took to the streets, burning campaign signs and chanting racial slurs. We’re all for freedom of expression, but come on, Ole Miss. Have some class. 
Nasty weather- Last week, we avoided the worst of Sandy and got a day of R&R in the process. While we’ll Thumbs Up to that, we’re not too pleased about Athena, the nor’easter, headed our way. The storm is predicted to dump freezing rain and bitter winds on BC’s campus. And who thought it would be funny to name the storm after the goddess of warfare and strength? We’re not laughing.  

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