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Nursing majors defend the profession and pursuit of facts: Hilary Von Glahn

Published: Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Updated: Wednesday, January 9, 2013 18:01


As a frequent reader of The HeightsI have always thought the articles published were well informed. I'm not sure of what person allowed this article, "Your nurses, the doctor," to go through because this article is not only offensive, has no basis of truth, and is in fact a negative opinion, but it also discriminates against an ENTIRE school in Boston College. For you to write that nurses only take the introductory survey and height and weight is possibly one of the most horrible things I have read. As a nursing student and someone who works in the emergency department, I have first hand seen that nurses are at the bedside. During the most recent cardiac arrest, as I was administering CPR, nurses were pushing medications, keeping the family informed, and directing the doctors. I don't know if you consider saving a life to be important, but I can guarantee that any medical professional would say that nurses are the guiding forces in health care. If there was no such thing as a nurse, I'm sure someone would be able to weigh the patient, but as for medication administration, diagnosis, advocacy, healing, and health improvement, NONE of that would exist without a nurse. I can understand if Marye would like to call out someone who has a Ph.d in english, because there is little correlation between  a medical doctor and a phd in english, however does she even know that nurses treat the patient and not just the disease? A nurse practitioner, prescribes medication and diagnoses diseases just like a doctor however since she is a nurse she takes the time to treat her patient as an individual and is by the bedside. Please allow only educated opinions to be published and a formal apology is in order as well. It would be more beneficial to educate the rest of the community on the true role of nurses and advanced practice nurses, rather than a naive stereotype be published in our newspaper.


Hilary Von Glahn

CSON '12

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