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To end discontentment, get involved

Published: Monday, April 23, 2012

Updated: Wednesday, January 9, 2013 20:01


For the upcoming school year, UGBC received a slight drop in applications for positions across all departments. Although many may view this as a seemingly small occurrence, The Heights would like to remind students how urgent it is to be involved in our student government.
The Heights has consistently commented on the apparent disconnect between UGBC and the student body. We’ve addressed low voter turnout, monotonous campaigning, ineffective bureaucratic tendencies, and anything we believe causes disengagement between our government and those it represents. At some point, however, students must stop discussing problems and waiting for solutions and instead take it upon themselves to be the change they want to see. If this trend of disinterest continues, there will be a certain stagnancy that will grip campus. Fewer applications means less diversity, and less diversity means fewer voices.
Chris Osnato and Kudzai Taziva are two extremely motivated and talented individuals. The two have ventured to make a change in the traditional UGBC operations, hoping to cut back on waste and streamline the way UGBC functions. The Heights followed their ideas throughout their campaign, and we believe that they have great potential to make a change on this campus. But they cannot do it alone. The deadline may have passed to apply for positions for next year, but The Heights asks students to fight this tendency of apathy and seize the chance to get involved whenever possible in the future. Boston College’s campus will only be better for it.

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