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With graduation close at hand, give back to your school

Published: Monday, April 23, 2012

Updated: Wednesday, January 9, 2013 20:01


The Senior Class Gift.  Say what you will about it, but just the mention of it has evoked some sort of emotion in you.  Anger.  Approval.  Apathy.  Confusion.  (Yes it’s a shame we couldn’t complete the alliteration). We get it. We’re seniors and many of us, before accepting our position on the committee, felt the same way you do about the Senior Class Gift.  We couldn’t believe that BC was asking us for money before we had even left school, and that they had the audacity to ask us for money after we already pay more than $54,000 a year.  Trust us, we’ve heard it all. Yet despite all of that, not only have we given, but we’re on the committee, and we’ve asked our friends and acquaintances (and now with this letter, the rest of the senior class) to give. Why are we doing this, you ask?
We could throw statistics at you about how that $54,000 a year only covers a portion of what it costs to ensure that each student has the full BC experience. Or we could talk to you about how gifts of $100 or less raise over $1 million every year for the University.  Or that alumni participation is directly linked to BC’s rankings, so the more alumni who give back annually, the higher we’ll rise. We get it though; as seniors, these numbers don’t mean too much to us.  What seems real to us are our day to day lives. Going to the Plex.  Volunteering for 4Boston.  Sitting through club meetings.   Attending class.
Last semester, we gave you piggy banks and asked you to “bring home the bacon.” This semester,  nearly 400 pigs have found their way home, and more and more seniors are donating to the Senior Class Gift. These seniors, your peers, are donating because they are learning where the money goes.  
If a financial aid package allowed you or a friend to come here, then “alumni giving” has made an impact on your life at BC. If a class, professor, student club, service trip, band, or team shaped your time here and made, or makes, you feel like a part of something bigger than yourself, you’re benefitting from donations made by alumni. Showing BC in a small way that you appreciate everything you experienced over the last four years is all we are asking.
How did we show our appreciation?  The short answer is we gave to what we loved.  
Serafina gave to BC’s figure skating team because “it has been my BC family these past four years and has allowed me to follow one of my passions at the collegiate level. I want other skaters to get the opportunity to do the same.”
Will gave to Word of Mouth, a public speaking club, because “it made me feel like I could be a leader.”
Amanda gave to PULSE because “I know that coming into BC a lot of people are skeptical about a philosophy or theology core, but PULSE ended up being one of the best classes I’ve taken at BC. I want future students to have the same experience I did.”
Some of us gave to financial aid because we wouldn’t be here without it. Others gave in support of their majors’ departments because they are passionate about fields they’ll be dedicated to for the rest of their lives, like film, geology, and politics.  
We know that you’ve just shelled out a lot of money for senior week tickets and that you still want nights out at MA’s. There are commencement ball dresses to be bought, trolleys to be coordinated, caps and gowns to be rented.  The drain to our limited college pockets doesn’t seem to end. 
That being said, Boston College is the amazing university we know today because seniors like us recognized the beauty of BC and decided to chip in what they could so the school could continue to provide a world-class education and a college experience that’s memorable for far more good than ill.  To them, all things considered, showing support was a no-brainer.  So give to what you love.  Give to what makes you happy, be it a school, a department, or an organization. Whether you contribute “$12 for ’12” or give up just one drink at Mary Ann’s, your gift will reflect your sentiment for your university and every gift of every size will make a difference. If you have ANY questions, do not hesitate to ask any of us. We’re happy to explain why we gave.

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