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Pathway Through Boston

Childhood Excursion Updated In Coolidge

For The Heights

Published: Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Updated: Wednesday, January 9, 2013 19:01

As the weather grows colder throughout New England, it becomes increasingly harder to leave campus and make the long, cold trek to Boston for a day. Walking around Newbury Street or the Boston Common just seemed much more fun on the 80-degree days of September, and not so much on the 50-degree days in October. The better alternative seems to be to stay in bed in sweatpants and watch Netflix all day with a bowl of popcorn. But after a long week of classes, a fall weekend is the perfect time to enjoy the benefits that Boston holds, without having to wear a winter coat and a scarf. A great place to check out is Coolidge Corner, home to The Clay Room and the Paris Creperie.

Unless you’re an art major, the most artistic thing you’ve probably done while being in college is decorated your roommate’s white board for his or her birthday, or doodled on the side of your notebook in math class. The Clay Room is a perfect place to relax and get in touch with your inner creative side that doesn’t come out during weeks of reading textbooks and writing papers. Located just outside of Boston in Brookline, The Clay Room is easily accessible from Boston College. After taking the bus to Reservoir, walk to the C line and take it to Summit Ave., the stop directly before Coolidge Corner. The Clay Room is only a short walk from there.

The Clay Room is an affordable, fun place to let your creative juices flow. You pay an $8 studio fee, as well as the price for the individual object you choose to paint, but most totals don’t exceed $20. Depending on the amount of detail and effort you put into it, your work can take anywhere between half an hour to three hours to paint. If you don’t finish your piece in one day, you can come back another time and finish it without repaying the studio fee. You then leave it at the studio to be baked in the kiln and pick it up four days later. They have a variety of different pieces to paint including mugs, vases, boxes, and figurines, as well as seasonal items. There are more than 40 different colors to choose from to paint your piece with and The Clay Room is open seven days a week from 12 p.m. to 10 p.m.

Be sure to coordinate your Clay Room visit with many of the different specials they have weekly. On Mondays, the studio fee is reduced from $8 to $4, perfect for frugal college students. They host a pizza night in the studio on Tuesdays, and everyone there receives pizza from 6 p.m. to 10 p.m. without any extra charge. Finally, for those lucky enough to be over 21, The Clay Room hosts a wine and cheese night on Wednesdays and is always a BYOB studio.

After you leave The Clay Room, take a short walk down Beacon Street into the heart of Coolidge Corner. Coolidge Corner is home to a lot of 20-somethings, and rightly so. It holds many things for a Bostonian to do and is a great place to just walk and look around. On Beacon Street and the neighboring Harvard Ave., there are many small clothing stores and bookstores to explore.

If you’re hungry after a long day of painting, you’ll want to check out the Paris Creperie, right off Beacon Street on Harvard Ave. It has a small, cozy atmosphere that makes you feel at home right when you walk in. The small cafes and French art on the walls transport you right to Paris. Their crepe selection has something for everyone. They have crepes to satisfy your sweet tooth, like Nutella and s’mores, as well as more savory crepes such as ham and brie and buffalo chicken. They also make delicious coffee drinks and unique specialties like Nutella hot chocolate, perfect for keeping your hands warm on the T ride and the chilly walk back to BC.

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