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Political debates a vital tool for voter education

The Heights encourages students to watch debates to formulate an informed political opinion

Published: Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Updated: Wednesday, January 9, 2013 19:01


Dealing with the many contradictory messages from presidential candidates, local candidates, and supporters or opponents of various propositions can be especially overwhelming for students. The Heights therefore encourages the Boston College community to do some research and educate themselves before voting.
Debates are one of the best ways for voters to get a sense of what each candidate stands for and plans to do if he or she is elected. The first presidential debate took place on Wednesday night, and there will be two more presidential debates and one vice presidential debate before the elections in November. These debates are televised on BC Cable and available as a live stream on many political websites, which also often provide detailed summaries of the debates the next day. With this in mind, The Heights urges students to take advantage of these many channels of information in order to cast a well informed vote, both in the national and state elections.
The Heights also encourages students to pay attention to debates for local elections. While many students believe that their vote for president does not matter because of the state they are registered to vote in, their votes in local elections are important. There are numerous controversial propositions and close senatorial races on local ballots that could be decided by a small number of votes. Despite the distance, it is especially important for students to stay up-to -date on these issues, and watching the debates will only enhance individual knowledge about local and national politics.

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