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Quonset Hut Gets Long-Awaited Makeover

For The Heights

Published: Sunday, September 30, 2012

Updated: Wednesday, January 9, 2013 18:01


Kelly Bruett and Rachi Saunders / For The Heights

After a stressful day of classes, homework, and exams, many students take time off to play basketball for an hour or run on a treadmill. While many Boston College students who live on Main Campus go to the Plex to exercise, students from Newton Campus have a much longer journey. However, the two-year renovation of Quonset Hut, which began in 2010, was recently completed.

The Quonset Hut, also known as “The Hut,” has an area of approximately 5,964 square feet and contains basketball courts, cardiovascular machines, lifecycles, Stairmasters, free weights, and locker rooms. Basketballs, footballs, soccer balls, and volleyballs are also available for student use at the front desk. Prior to the renovations, the Hut was annexed by Campus Recreation.

“We felt that it was a little bit too old, and it was certainly the time to renovate the whole facility for students and the community,”  said Eric Zeckman, associate director of Campus Recreation.

According to Zeckman, everything including flooring, the ceiling, cardio machines, and weight equipment were upgraded. The only exceptions were two restrooms that were less often used and would cost too much money to repair.

Students can find numerous changes to the Hut. For instance, the basketball court floors have been replaced and the space is now open for Ping Pong, pick-up basketball games, and group fitness classes. Although the renovation was not directly requested by students, BC Campus Recreation started the renovation in order to provide a better place for students and the community to exercise.

When asked whether there is a plan for further renovation, Zeckman said, “The renovation is thorough and covers every aspect of the Hut, so there is no future plan for further renovation at this time.”

Charles Gilliam, A&S ’16, said he goes to the Hut twice a week to lift and play basketball. When talking about his impression of the new Hut, he said that even though the space is still a little bit too limited for a solid work-out and there is only a half basketball court, “it is still a good place to go, and it is convenient.”

For students like Gilliam who are living on Newton Campus, waiting for a shuttle to get to the Plex can take too long. Many students are grateful for the new look of the Hut.

“Having a nice place which is only a five minute walk away from my dorm is lucky since it does save me a lot of time, and I’m really appreciative for those who worked so hard to make all of this possible,” said Donny Wang, CSOM ’16.

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