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Sept. 10 Thumbs Up, Thumbs Down

Published: Sunday, September 9, 2012

Updated: Wednesday, January 9, 2013 19:01


Thumbs Up:
UGBC Campus Entertainment- We’ve got to give credit where credit is due: UGBC has been killing it lately with their concert selection. With Nelly, Third Eye Blind, and now Lupe Fiasco as recent selections, we are starting to believe the UGBC Campus Entertainment group is a competent entity run by students and not old cranky men hell- bent on destroying fun. Really though—who else would choose Jay Cole and Wale?
The sweet taste of victory- We won, guys, we actually won! Yes, we were supposed to and it’s only the second game, but we think Chase Rettig looked pretty good. Should we dare say we are feeling more optimistic about this season than seasons past? Eh, it’s probably bad for us if they are good anyway. They’ve really become a Thumbs Down staple.
Fall TV premieres- We here at Thumbs Up, Thumbs Down really only like to do three things—sleep, get our nails done, and watch TV. So it comes as no surprise that the upcoming slew of fall TV premieres is our Christmas morning. We’ve really missed our friends this summer—Emily, our sociopathic bestie bent on destroying her frenemies the Graysons, Liz, who is hilar but ALWAYS single, and Cam, our gay BFF. Now, if only Daniel would dump Emily and date us instead… .
Thumbs Down:
Contagions among us- We have an irrational fear of the squirrels on campus ever since we saw one jump into a trash can and reemerge with an entire blueberry muffin (for more on this story, see previous Thumbs Up, Thumbs Downs.) Now, we have one more reason to cower in fear when we see this furry mutants: They recently just gave a 7-year-old girl the bubonic plague. As in the disease the killed 1/3 of Europe in the Middle Ages. Okay, so she may have picked up a decomposing  squirrel carcass, but we are still playing it safe. If a squirrel and its bushy, plague-filled tail come anywhere near us, we are whipping out a Nerf gun.
Doing homework- We have homework and we don’t like it. That’s all we really have to say.
The Bus- In a long list of our off campus woes (for those of you who read this column religiously, the man in the baseball cap was back again this morning), the Commonwealth Avenue bus only leaves from Conte during the week. Considering there are no academic buildings down there, you’d think they would pick a bus stop that was a little more centrally located. For those of you who think we’re being whiny, you try buying all your books at Mac and having to trudge them all the way to Conte.
Heat stroke, Cheap stroke- We walked into our classroom on Friday and it felt like we entered a locker room in the depths of hell. We get it, times are tough and you need to save money by continuously jipping your student body (we’re looking at you, BC Dining). But doesn’t general comfort mean anything to you?
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