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Sept. 17 Thumbs Up, Thumbs Down

Published: Sunday, September 16, 2012

Updated: Wednesday, January 9, 2013 18:01


Thumbs Up:
Genuflecting at the Green Monster- Thousands of students, faculty, and alumni made their way to Fenway for the Sesquicentennial Mass on Saturday. While we might have preferred watching a baseball game, Father Himes really did “hit it out of the park” with his thoughtful homily. And the best part? We managed to stay awake through the entire mass.
Day off from Football - We love tailgating. We really do. But there is something so relaxing about not having to spend our entire day on Shea. This Saturday, we slept in, went to Johnny’s, watched some Hulu then slept some more. It was some much needed R&R before the game on Parents’ Weekend.  Not sure if our parents will want to participate in our Shea shenanigans or just be appalled by our general lifestyle… .
A little slice of history- It took us a while to realize they were there, but Boston College has put markers in front of all its historical buildings and major campus sites (such as Alumni) in honor of its 150th. We never really thought of BC as a school with a rich history, but these signs give us a glimpse into the people and places that made BC what it is today.
New discoveries- A new species of monkey, called the Lesula, was discovered in the depths of the Congo on Wednesday. In an age where it seems all has been discovered and put on Google Earth, it’s humbling to remember we still do not know everything about our amazing planet.
Thumbs Down:
Terrifying new discoveries- Biologists in Africa weren’t the only people to discover a new species this week. A new species of squirrel, called the Devil Reincarnate, was discovered on Gerald Road this weekend. No, they’re not just the same ol’ squirrels you see around campus, because those squirrels don’t knock over your trash can, drag all of its contents across your driveway, and take a bath in your discarded mac’ n cheese. No, that is not a regular squirrel.
Overwhelmed immune systems- We’ve been here for two weeks and we have a sore throat, stuffy nose, and a slight headache. College truly is the ultimate germy cesspool.
Bomb threats- The University of Texas Austin, North Dakota State, and Hiram College in Ohio all received bomb threats last week— a very troubling series of events indeed. College is supposed to be a home away from home, not a subject of terrorism.
Mayer overdose- Recent superstar Frank Ocean debuted on SNL this week, and somehow John Mayer weaseled his way into the performance. He’s just so creepy with his sullen face, slicked back hair, and serial dating record.  We get it, you can play a guitar.
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