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Sept. 5 Thumbs Up, Thumbs Down

Published: Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Updated: Wednesday, January 9, 2013 18:01


Thumbs Up
The joys of football- No, we’re not talking about our football team, but solid effort this weekend, Chase. Every true Boston College student knows that it’s never about the game, but the mecca of all fall fun, the Shea tailgate. There’s nothing quite like stuffing your face with a hot dog... and other substances while watching all the “cool dads”  try to shotgun. Here’s to more Saturdays that we may or may not remember.
Blast from the Past at Roggie’s- Speaking of football and their projected lack of any sort of ACC prowess, sources tell TU/TD that Dave Shinskie is now a bouncer at Roggies. On Wednesday, he killed a mutant bug by slapping it with a dish rag. We are just going to leave our thumbs up at that.  
Green, Glorious, Green- When we used to think of O’Neill, we thought of a cement block penitentiary full of overly harsh lighting and bathrooms so pungent they must have been used daily by Japan’s National Sumo Wrestling team. Now, we still think this, but at least it is surrounded by GREEN. Now we can frolic, have joyful picnics, and angrily stomp through fresh green grass because everyone on the pathway just walks too freaking slow.
Artsy fartsyness - The art museum in Devlin is featuring the works of Paul Klee this semester, which is gaining national attention. You may not be an art fan, but it sounds worth it to stop by for this once in a lifetime exhibit.
Thumbs Down:
Hiding food in the minimart- At first we were all for these CityCo knock-offs, but then we realized that they literally took all the good food from the dining halls (Chobani
Triscuits, bottled water..) and put them in the minimart. So when we buy a Tuscan Chicken at Eagles Nest, we have to walk up to the old Chocolate Bar to get an Honest Tea. Yes, we know, this is lazy—but this school makes us walk up enough stairs, darnit.
I don’t know anyone here- Who are all these people on campus?  With most of the junior class off campus or abroad, familiar faces are few and far between. We saw two people we knew on campus yesterday. Two. We’re getting old, people.
Class- We love that school has started. We hate, however, that class has. Our professors just love to remind us that college cannot be all fun and games—but really, one of our professors said that he likes giving a midterm close to Halloween to make it as scary as possible. We are shuddering at the fact we may have to go to the library soon.
Unwanted visitors- Living off campus has its pros and cons, the latter including a scary-looking man in a baseball cap that likes to raid your trash occasionally. At least he’s nicer than ResLife when he does it. 
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