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Sexual Chocolate Aims to Please

Published: Sunday, February 26, 2012

Updated: Wednesday, January 9, 2013 18:01

Sexual Chocolate (SC), Boston College's all-male step team, is perhaps one of the most sought after, interesting, and popular clubs on campus, with a solid student fan base. Their fun, high-energy shows and captivating step routines are no doubt the reason for this. However, SC is more than what their perception on campus is, namely a group of great dancers and attractive men with undeniably incredible swag. They're a strong presence on campus, getting involved in various activities and groups whenever they can, and they themselves are a true brotherhood with genuine connections and relationships within their team.

Margaret Fahey, A&S '13, states, "Freshman year I had no idea what SC was, but sophomore year I heard they were a dance group, and then I saw them at the ALC Showdown and they were amazing." After seeing SC, Fahey decided to contact them to perform in a fundraising showcase for a service trip to Kenya last year and was happy to see their enthusiasm and willingness to participate. "They were very responsive and contacted me right away. About seven or eight of them came, performed, and definitely stole the show. They were really warm and seemed to care about the fundraiser and the Kenya trip itself."

Meeting with SC was truly an experience, and their genuine passion and love for their team and their teammates alike was strikingly clear. Members themselves belong to other various on-campus activities and groups, such as Eagle Ops, the McNair Exploratory Program, F.A.C.E.S, D.I.O.P, and intramural sports, to name a few.

Bernard Homicile, CSOM '13, states that, "As a group, SC helps out with other organizations and groups, such as the ALC Volunteer Core and C.A.R.E. Week through the Women's Resource Center." Scott Jean, A&S '14, adds, "We also do small events with Big Brother/Big Sister. We take time out to teach the kids a couple of steps, and they have a lot of fun with it." Joking and laughing with one another between interview questions showed their fun-loving side, but when asked questions about the team and their experiences as a part of the brotherhood, their seriousness and dedication was also clearly evident.

As fun as it appears to be, being a member of SC is a lot of work. Dedication, stamina, and motivation are all expected from members, and this is tested and pushed to new bounds during the audition process, which lasts for multiple days and is extremely rigorous. President and captain Reynaldo Sylla, CSOM '12, highlights just how demanding the SC schedule is: "On a regular week, we practice for four hours. But, when we have a show coming up we usually practice every day, anywhere from two to four or five hours into the night, depending on how much we need to get done."

Leading up to the their last show on Feb. 17, SC practiced every day since the semester began, and rehearsals for their next show on Mar. 24, the ALC Showdown, will see the same level of practice. SC also performs many shows off-campus and at other schools, and has an upcoming show at BU.

As expected, the amazingly synchronized and intense choreography of SC is the result of a group effort. Captain and vice president Bryan Denehy, A&S '12, explains the choreography process as a brainstorming of ideas, steps, and music. "We invite everybody to bring something to the practice room, we'll kind of give homework assignments at times, but it comes down to the captains adjusting the steps to what we need, but it's a collaborative effort." Songs and choreography choices are all open to the team, but captains make the final decision. Unbelievably, considering the clear talent that the group exhibits, no member of the team had previous step experience, although some members have been exposed to other styles of dance.

When asked about favorite moments on the team, each member gave a different answer, emphasizing the true enthusiasm and joy that the team brings to its members.

Patrick Williamson, A&S '14, names the strong alumni involvement in SC as his favorite aspect. "Being a sophomore on the team, I've only experienced SC for two years, but my favorite moment is ongoing; whenever we have a show the alumni come back, and it's crazy to see the emotion that these alumni have for the team. I've only been on the team for two years and I see the progress we've made in two years, but take an alumni from five or six years ago, and I just love seeing the way they show love for the team." SC's alumni still come to watch them perform, making this not only a close group of friends, but a networked community that fosters alumni involvement, support, and encouragement.

Denehy cites the rush and satisfaction of performing as some of the more cherished moments on the team. "My favorite moment is right before the curtain opens, after working for two months for a show, and having everything come to fruition right in that moment. There's no better feeling than that."

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