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Sexual Chocolate And Friends Meet for Big Show In The Rat

Assoc. Arts & Review Editor

Published: Monday, December 9, 2013

Updated: Monday, December 9, 2013 20:12

Sexual Chocolate

Emily Sadeghian / Heights Staff

While the Rat is often filled with students eating lunch and doing their homework during the week, never has it been exclusively packed with an excited crowd of Sexual Chocolate fans—except for this past Friday evening, when Boston College’s all male step team presented their 15th annual Fall Big Show, supporting the Typhoon Haiyan Relief Effort in the Philippines.

The 18-member dance group was preceded by other on-campus troupes, including Synergy, DOBC, UPrising, Masti, BCID, and Phaymus. Although each was distinct for the most part, common themes, like Beyonce and twerking, seemed to be repeated among a number of the groups.

Senior Shaun Flint, A&S ’14, popped and locked with sharp exactitude to start the show off, leading Synergy in an energetic hip-hop dance cut. UPrising’s John Steichen, A&S ’15, was front and center in a loaded routine to Kanye West’s “Black Skinhead.”

To retro-sounding songs including “Pusher Love Girl,” “I Never Loved a Man,” and “Take Another Piece of My Heart,” the girls of DOBC sauntered, twirled, and slid with grace and control across the stage, presenting a singularly empowering set of choreography.

Masti, BC’s South Asian dance club, embraced Indian artistic traditions as well as more modern styles by merging Eastern and Western influences in their vibrant cultural display of Bollywood moves and Bhangra beats. The Boston College Irish Dance Club fused customary and contemporary choreography moves, too. Noted for their deliberate footwork and perfect posture, BCID commanded the audience’s attention with their patriotic, army-themed performance to “All These Things That I've Done” by The Killers.

Before Sexual Chocolate came out for its show, defending ALC Showdown champion Phaymus took the stage, offering viewers the grittiest dance display of the night. With their red, black, and white flannels tied around their waists and provocative, edgy moves, the dancers exhibited raw street style.

Despite a number of strong opening acts, though, Sexual Chocolate stood alone in presenting a performance that was not only entertaining, but also creative and innovative. The group framed their step moves within the confines of a self-written, comical sketch, as they usually do. And while Sexual Chocolate’s skits are often highly amusing, this year’s was particularly sharp in its sense of humor, as it drew on ironic and pointed BC student stereotypes.

The act pitted a group of Superfans, pre-med students, Rat employees, and retreat leaders against each other, trapping them all in the Rat during a snowstorm. The personal, yet satiric subject matter of Sexual Chocolate’s skit made for darkly laughable jokes, poking fun at things relevant to BC student life—like the awkward icebreakers and journal writing exercises related to retreats or the over-the-top yellow wigs and wild enthusiasm of crazed football fans.

Sexual Chocolate’s choreography—including its skillful step moves and infamous strip tease—is consistently exhilarating, but the sketches surrounding this choreography can sometimes fall flat, simply because of the high standards audience’s have come to expect from the dancers. Friday’s sold-out Fall Big Show, however, was a solid success on the two fronts, demonstrating both witticism and precision.

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