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'Show Goes On' In Conte

Timeflies, Lupe Fiasco Fill Conte For The Return Of UGBC’s Fall Concert

Heights Editor

Published: Sunday, September 23, 2012

Updated: Wednesday, January 9, 2013 18:01

concert 9/24

Daniel Lee / Heights Editor

The Fall Concert is back with a vengeance.

After the success of last spring’s concert, before which Boston College had gone a semester without a concert in Conte Forum, the concert this fall had to rewrite the legacy of the 2010 concert, which had about 40 medical transports.

“We aimed for an all around great show that paired good performances with good music,” said Michael Cavoto, UGBC director of Campus Entertainment (CE) and A&S ’13. “It’s hard to come up with that kind of show and we were very happy with our choices.” Timeflies and Lupe Fiasco were chosen after a selection process that was three months in the making and involved the help of many students.

“All in all I would say that there were over 50 students who contributed in one way or another to the success of the concert,” Cavoto said. “I would highlight Campus Entertainment’s deputy director Dan Rimm, our advisor Mark Miceli [associate director of the Student Programs Office], the Robsham box office manager Kim Principi, and all members of CE and the Event Management Team.”
Tickets went on sale on Sept. 10 and were sold up until the day of the concert. Although tickets never sold out, the audience size quickly swelled just before doors closed at 6:30 p.m., and student DJ Guy Dupont, head of ILO Productions and A&S ’13, had a large crowd to amp up during his hour-long set. The crowd responded well to Dupont, dancing in the seats and enthusiastically cheering for his combination of recent pop hits, familiar throwbacks, and unique remixes.

Timeflies took the stage at 6:50 p.m. and launched immediately into their recent tracks. Halfway into the set, Chris Osnato, UGBC president and A&S ’13, brought lead singer Cal a BC Doug Flutie jersey and handed him a list of BC-oriented terms and phrases, such as building names, popular Hillside items, administrators, and local establishments around Cleveland Circle. Cal then proceeded to freestyle with all of these, circling around the verse twice in order to fit in everything Osnato had given him. The crowd responded with immense cheers both during and after the specialized song, and Timeflies finished their set at 7:45 p.m.

In the half hour it took to switch over the stage to Lupe Fiasco, the students became frustrated, beginning a “We want Lupe” chant minutes before he finally took the stage. He quickly regained audience’s favor, however, and played a set that lasted until about 9:30 p.m. as students quickly left Conte Forum during his final song.

Despite the crowd’s excitement during Fiasco’s set, there was no issue of storming toward the stage as there was during the Akon concert in Fall 2009.

“The first 900 students were given wristbands to allow them to sit in floor seats,” Cavoto said. “The number was up 100 from the past concerts. We are working with administration to allow for more students to be allowed to sit on the floor by changing up the seating plan.”

Students clearly appreciated this change, and some attempted to give their wristbands—which were used to make sure the floor never exceeded capacity—to other students who wanted to enter at a later time.

Besides this difficulty, TeamOps and Eagle EMS had few medical transports and no large-scale issues with student behavior.

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