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For The Heights

Published: Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Updated: Wednesday, February 20, 2013 22:02

Drake "Started From The Bottom"
Following suit with the banality of its title, Drake’s “Started From the Bottom” limply and unnecessarily falls short of any conception of a stirring musical composition. The song’s vague lyrics and uninspired hook, clumsily rhymed over a lifeless piano loop backed by a dull 808 bass, make for a trite attempt at the overused theme of the “self-made man.”

Tyler, The Creator "Domo 23"
The sole release from his anticipated sophomore album Wolf, Tyler, The Creator’s “Domo 23” wittily delivers. Despite the usual (and occasionally tiring) references to swag and the whole Wolf Gang/Golf Wang crew, the “Yonkers” star continues to relentlessly plow his way through criticism with a barrage of controversial pop culture commentary and Ludarcris-esque speed.

Rick Ross "Box Chevy"
Not that any song—especially within the realm of rap—has to, but Rick Ross’s “Box Chevy” does little to make structured, logical rhymes, or basic grammatical sense. We get it, you hustled and drug-dealt your way out of the ghettos of Florida in your “box chevy” (“like a f—ckin’ boss,” of course), but when you start rhyming “Lexus” with “Lexus” three times in one song, I worry.

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