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SOFC Hosts Volleyball Tournament For Student Organizations

For The Heights

Published: Sunday, January 27, 2013

Updated: Monday, January 28, 2013 00:01

SOFC Hosts Volleyball Tournament For Student Organizations

Eun Hee Kwon // For The Heights

SOFC Hosts Volleyball Tournament For Student Organizations

Eun Hee Kwon // For The Heights

The Chinese Student Association and BCTV jumped, bumped, and spiked their way to $1,000 and $500, respectively, as the winning and runner-up teams in the Boston College Student Organization Funding Committee’s (SOFC) first annual Student Organizations Volleyball Tournament.

Open to all of the organizations on campus currently funded by the SOFC, the tournament attracted 26 diverse teams. According to Jeffrey Hockersmith, CSOM ’14 and an SOFC member and event organizer, “Within these 26 teams, we have a wide variety in the types of organizations represented—we have art and performance groups, intercultural clubs, academic and pre-professional organizations, political groups, and even religious organizations participating.”
The tournament drew such variety in part for the unrestricted nature of the prize money, as the rules explained, the clubs needed only answer to University policy in their use of their winnings. Winning the tournament, therefore, extends the limits of these organizations’ endeavors.

“We have about 150 student organizations. If you do the math, there’s not that much money to go around,” Hockersmith said. “All of these organizations have ideas for great events, but we don’t have the funding to support them all. This tournament enables us to support a couple clubs in these endeavors.”
 The event relied on a single-elimination format, splitting the teams into four brackets: Intercultural/Political and Intercultural/Music; Art and Performance; Academic and Pre-professional; and Specific Issues/Religious. After an afternoon of games, the winners of each bracket emerged to challenge each other until only two teams remained for the final game, held at 6 p.m.

Despite the intensity of many of the teams, and the opportunities winning the $1,000 would afford, the tournament proved more fun than competitive for the participants. “It’s a fun way to get clubs involved, and really, just to have a good time,” Hockersmith said.

Players echoed his sentiments. “I really wasn’t sure if I was going to come to the tournament, but at the last minute I decided to come, and I’m so glad I did,” said BC Reads team member Colleen Brady, A&S ’16, after the game. “I had a great time even though we were eliminated in the first round. It was so much fun, and made my Saturday a little less ordinary.”
SOFC members expressed the hope that the event would serve as an indication of good things to come for the organization, as well as promote its work in the BC community.

“We’ve been in the background in recent years, but with a new funding program we wanted to get our name out there, and really promote SOFC on campus,” Hockersmith said. “SOFC is an independent source of funding for these organizations. This tournament is something to show that we care and are involved with the organizations on campus. This is the first time SOFC is doing an event like this, and we’re optimistic about the future.”

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