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Column: Athletic Department Should Adopt New Slogan

For The Heights and Sports Editor

Published: Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Updated: Wednesday, January 9, 2013 18:01

When you think of Boston College football, what's the first phrase that comes to your mind? Maybe it's "Hail Flutie." Maybe it's "The Miracle in Blacksburg." Maybe you don't know what to think because the athletic department doesn't have a true slogan.

Look at the football factories in the SEC and the Big 12. Many aspects of Southern football culture are not worth emulating, like the growing power of boosters and the associated win-at-any-cost mentality. But one tradition these schools have nailed down is the slogan.

ESPN made a popular commercial about Alabama's catchphrase. A police officer gives a man a ticket and then they both say, "Roll Tide." A teenage couple caught kissing by the girl's parents look at each other and say, "Roll Tide." Even during a funeral, a priest gives a eulogy in a cemetery that concludes when he says, "Roll Tide." Alabama's iconic phrase is one of the school's most recognizable features. It can be used as a cheer, greeting, or salutation. It's a ubiquitous reminder of the team and the pride the school's sports instill in the community.

BC doesn't have a slogan like this that transcends the team. "Ever to Excel" is a fine academic motto, but it doesn't have the same punch for athletic success. No one would be caught dead chanting that at a game. "Go Eagles" is a popular cheer, but it's a little too generic to be a catchphrase that immediately makes people think of BC football.

That's why we are suggesting that BC adopt "Stay Gold" as the slogan for its athletic teams. This phrase would be unique to BC. It's simple, yet powerful. It represents the loyalty and aspirations of the school, its students, and its fans.

A slogan like "Hook 'em Horns" doesn't just suggest that Texas should defeat its opponent. It's also a reminder that true Longhorns approach life head on. "Stay Gold" projects a similar confidence about the attitude BC's community has toward the challenges it faces, in life as well as on the field.

What, then, does it mean to "Stay Gold"? It means to remain true to the principles that we are taught at BC. Namely, that we are men and women for others. On the field, this means playing a clean game in the spirit of healthy competition. True Eagles compete hard, but they compete fairly, too. They don't manipulate loopholes in the rules to gain an improper edge. They don't, for example, pay players like Cam Newton to attend BC. They win with integrity.

The time to implement this slogan is now. BC should brand all future Superfan shirts—both the yellow student ones and the maroon that alumni don—with the phrase "Stay Gold." The current slogans on the back of the shirts are forgettable. They don't meet their intended purpose of creating an identity for each class. Instead, why don't we brand the shirts with a phrase that will unite students and alumni alike?

The athletic department should also hand out posters at games in the fall with the slogan on it. That way, BC can get the word out to all fans in anticipation of the next season.

What do you think of all these suggestions? Can you imagine yourself telling your fellow Eagles to "Stay Gold" as you part ways? Do you have a better idea? We'd love to hear it. This is, after all, supposed to be the beginning of a new tradition, and all fans deserve to have their voices heard. If you support our suggestion, let the administration know. With your backing, we can take the first step in creating a slogan worthy of this proud university.

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