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COLUMN: Open Letter

A Welcome To BC And Boston College Athletics

Sports Editor

Published: Sunday, September 8, 2013

Updated: Monday, September 9, 2013 03:09

Freshmen (and transfers, and people who only know what the inside of Conte Forum looks like because you couldn’t get out of Convocation),


Welcome. I know you didn’t ask for it, but here’s some advice, general notes, and whatnot:

If you get to a game 30 minutes early, about 20 percent of the pretzels aren’t too hard to eat yet.

A lot of people around campus are going to be talking about how awesome “Superman” is. They don’t mean that awful Zach Synder movie from this summer. They mean Luke Kuechly.

You’re going to want to be able to say you saw Olivier Hanlan play basketball before it was cool.

Be the kid who somehow gets the band/stadium/arena to play more R. Kelly. The Heights might do a feature on you.

No one has ever taken someone’s iPhone out of the speakers in a freshman dorm, put on an obscure mash up mixing something like the Beach Boys with Earl Sweatshirt, and gotten the desired result from such a move. 

Don’t take Beanpots, or any hockey trophies, for granted.

There was that one time, I think, that UGBC hosted a good artist for its fall or spring concert. That was cool.

From basketball’s Nicole Boudreau, Kristen Doherty, and Katie Zenevitch, to field hockey’s Emma Plasteras, to hockey’s Haley Skarupa and Emily Field, to lacrosse’s Covie StanwickMikaela Rix, and Sarah Mannelly, to sailing’s national champion Erika Reineke, to soccer’s Stephanie McCaffrey and McKenzie Meehan, to softball’s Torry Speer, to volleyball’s Courtney Castle and Katty Workman, there are plenty of talented female athletes at BC that are just as entertaining to watch as the male athletes.

Find out what “Sieve” means before you start chanting it at goalies. Don’t find it out on your phone at the game.

The football team knows the words to its fight song now, which means you might feel a little worse about trailing off halfway through.

Conte Forum has upgraded its sound system in the arena, but there’s no word if that comes with an upgrade to the music selection too. isn’t a bad way to pass your time during a boring lecture (I’m limiting the shameless plugs, I promise).

You might not think you like hockey. Johnny Gaudreau can change that.

Read about Dick Kelley and Pete Frates, two of the most incredible and inspiring people to set foot on this campus.

Don’t challenge Alex Amidon to a race.

Your friends aren’t lying to you when they tell you that you really do need to start watching Breaking Bad, and that you just need to power through the first season.

Eddie Odio Dunk Time is the best time.

Only the seniors were here the last time BC football had a winning record. People might start doing weird things. Just roll with it.

As the athletic department reminds its athletes on little white cards, don’t “engage in ‘Twitter beef,’” or “use social media as a way to complain about your life.” We’re at BC. It’s pretty great.

Nana Boateng is suspended for tonight’s men’s soccer game against Dartmouth, but go watch him, and his yellow hair, play soon. His play can be even more awesome than his hair.

That dorm you see right when you turn into campus is called The Gate. 

There’s a Chick-fil-A 16.6 miles from campus, and there’s a Sonic on the way.

Just because you’ll regret it the next morning, that doesn’t mean getting steak and cheese at late night is a bad decision.

Your Boston College clothing should be maroon, gold, black, or white. These are the only acceptable colors.

Even the kids at BU know there’s truth to the “safety school” chants.

“Respect their privacy”, “middle schmiddle”, and “it is what it is”, are jokes you will hear that you should be happy you don’t understand.

Eventually, you will figure out what you think is the perfect time to get food from Eagles Nest without waiting in line. You will inevitably still go five minutes before that time, because it’s just too good.

Don’t take the B-line into the city. Don’t be that guy, or girl, that says it’s just as fast as the C or the D-line.

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