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COLUMN: Please, Stop The Music

Sports Editor

Published: Sunday, February 3, 2013

Updated: Sunday, February 3, 2013 23:02


Twiddling thumbs, a few head bobs, lots of texting, and almost no singing or dancing.

This is what happened in the student section during timeouts at the Boston College basketball game against North Carolina last week, even with the only packed crowd since last year’s Duke game.

And it wasn’t the students’ fault. It’s the music.

It doesn’t matter if you’re at a Mod on a Saturday night or Conte Forum on a Tuesday, if there’s dominatingly loud music playing, then that music is going to set the tone for everyone within earshot. It’s inevitable.

The music in Conte is setting the wrong tone. It consists of a mixture of awkward, clunky, and unnecessary tracks that aren’t fit to be arena music. They could barely get a party started in 2004.

Good arena music hits on a few key qualities, and right now BC is whiffing on just about all of them during basketball games. Arena music, especially for basketball, is also it’s own unique animal. You can’t rehash the same tracks that work out at Alumni on football Saturdays. 

First, the song either has to be a classic, or a massive hit at the moment. No one should look around and comment to the person next to them that they remember when “Lose Yourself” was popular. Yes, 2002 was a fun year with that song playing on the radio every 25 minutes, but it’s time to move on. Eminem has, so should we.

Second, a majority of the crowd should know the words right away and should immediately feel compelled to belt them out. This is not the case with the random Pitbull tracks blaring last week or the strange EDM that only a few diehards could recognize. No, stop it. Play a little Bon Jovi. Play some Beastie Boys. Play “Thunderstruck” by AC/DC. Play anything that is easy to jump right into and enjoy.

If it’s an even remotely competitive game, then the student section will get into the song and that will carry over to loud “defense” or “let’s go Eagles” chants, and that’s the whole point, isn’t it?

Third, don’t play rap songs that have verses that go on forever like Drake’s “Forever.” It’s annoying and fans lose interest. It’s great to play some hip-hop during breaks, but keep it simple. “Whoomp! (There It Is)” pretty much always works. “Jump Around” is good if you stick to the chorus. 

Also, if the band continues to play “Let Me Clear My Throat,” they’ve really got to step it up. I love the band. It’s admirable that, no matter what, the whole crew cheers on the basketball team to no end. I think they are the only non-family members that can say they’ve always supported this group of players. They were phenomenal at the Inauguration. 

But, please, study up on DJ Kool’s hit single before the next game. This should be Conte Forum’s jam during basketball games. 

Football can have “Shipping Up To Boston.” It’s actually kind of cool that the band rocks that song about 10 times a game in the fall. Officially give “Seven Nation Army” to the hockey crowd. It’s become a classic BC song over the years, and those “Oh”s sound great echoing around the ice. 

Seriously consider playing “Let Me Clear My Throat” at least five times a game when hoops is going on, but fix the horn drop first. The buildup is solid, but there is no soul, and there’s no funk in that classic horn drop when it’s playing right now. It’s enforcing more of an eye roll than an all-out dance session as it is currently played. A band leader could also step up and give instructions to the crowd over the beat like DJ Kool does live.

In order to get more students at the games, the team is going to have to win and the ticket system, as well as the seating arrangments, will have to be upgraded. All of those things are going to take time. Until then, give students a good time outside of just the entertainment between the black lines. That kind of change can happen right away.

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